Administration and Governance

NSW State Level

The Returned and Services League of Australia (New South Wales Branch) (RSL NSW) is a member-based veterans’ charity founded in 1916. It is a statutory corporation incorporated under the RSL NSW Act 2018 (Act).

RSL NSW’s mission is to respect, support and remember veterans and their families.

The RSL NSW Board

The governing body of RSL NSW is the Board of Directors.

The Board comprises between three and 10 directors. Up to two are independent directors who are nominated by the other directors and cannot be members of RSL NSW. The Board meets monthly, except for January, April and October.

In certain operational areas, the Board delegates responsibility to standing committees (for example, Finance, Congress Agenda, and Nominations and Performance). Ad hoc committees may be established to achieve specific goals or strategies as required.



RSL NSW’s governing document is the Constitution. The Constitution operates in conjunction with the RSL NSW Act.


District Councils

Sub-Branches are divided into 23 districts around NSW. 16 districts are in country areas and seven are in the metropolitan area. Representatives from sub-Branches make up the District Councils.

RSL NSW Regions Map

RSL NSW Regions Map


State Congress

State Congress is an annual meeting of delegates representing members and takes place in October or November each year. It is usually held over 2-3 days, with the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on the final day.

At the AGM, delegates vote on policy positions, constitutional amendments, and (every three years) the appointment of Board members.

Following the commencement of the RSL NSW Act in 2018, the Board elections from 2020 will be conducted under a one member, one vote system, while all other AGM votes will continue to use one sub-Branch, one vote system.

Sub-Branches that have met all their requirements under the Constitution may send a delegate and an alternate delegate to the Annual Congress. The Annual General Meeting forms part of the State Congress.

Decisions arising from the AGM are implemented by RSL NSW.


Information on National Level

The Returned and Services League of Australia (League)

RSL NSW is affiliated with the six other state and territory branches that make up the membership of RSL National, based in Canberra.

The League is a national, non-political, non-sectarian organisation of returned and ex-service people formed to promote the interest of veterans and their families.

The President of each state is appointed as a Director of the Board of RSL National in order to manage the League’s affairs.