ANZAC House is the State Office for RSL NSW.

The team at ANZAC House includes various roles and functions that work together to provide support and services to sub-Branches, members and the veteran community.


RSL NSW Members’ Support

The Members’ Support team works to support sub-Branches and members, answering and directing questions from members. They can be contacted on or 1300 679 775.


Support Services

Support Services support the business operations of ANZAC House. It includes:

Finance & Corporate Services

This function incorporates finance professionals who work together to keep ANZAC House running efficiently and cost effectively.

Legal & Company Secretary

The Head of Legal/Company Secretary ensures that the legal and commercial interests of RSL NSW are prioritised when entering into contracts and agreements, and that business is conducted in compliance with relevant legislation. They also support the Board, administer RSL NSW affairs, and implements good governance practices.

Marketing & Communications

This team oversees communications, keeping members informed about what’s happening across the League. They also work to promote the aims, purpose and services of the RSL in order to deliver on the organisation’s charitable purpose.


RSL DefenceCare

RSL DefenceCare is a charity and not-for-profit organisation helping Australian veterans and their families in times of injury, illness or crisis.

The team supports veterans and their families by offering DVA claims and advocacy support, financial and housing assistance, as well as counselling and other services. Visit to find out more.


Contact ANZAC House

ANZAC House, Level 5, 341 George St, Sydney NSW 2000