This page contains answers to Frequently Asked Questions under two headings:

  • Local ANZAC Day commemorations
  • The Sydney CBD March
Local ANZAC Day event FAQs
Can ANZAC Day marches, dawn services and all other commemoration services go ahead outside of the Sydney CBD?

Yes. RSL NSW sub-Branches are working with NSW Police and their local council to coordinate ANZAC Day services including marches and dawn services.

Please find link to planned commemorations across NSW which will be updated as events are confirmed. Alternatively, please contact your local RSL NSW sub-Branch.

Can the general public attend ANZAC Day commemorations services in their community?

All commemoration services are being planned with NSW Police and local councils in accordance with current public health advice. Depending on the type of event and spacing requirements, it may not be possible for spectators to attend commemoration services.

The general public is encouraged to follow this page for updated information in relation to local events or to contact their local sub-Branch for more information.

Alternatively, you can show your support by staying local and participating in the national ‘Light up the Dawn’ service at dawn. The RSL encourages you to rally your neighbours to participate and share your service on your social media platforms.

What is the current public health advice in relation to events?

The following information is current as at 24 March 2021:

An exemption to the Public Health Order issued to RSL NSW on 24 March 2021 stipulates that a maximum of 10,000 people can participate in the Sydney CBD March.

Within Greater Sydney and outside of Greater Sydney, a maximum of 5,000 people can attend an ANZAC Day March or service and must not exceed one person per 2 square metres of space.

The nominated organiser of an outdoor ANZAC Day march or service must develop and comply with a COVID-19 Safety Plan required for outdoor protests. Each person participating in an outdoor ANZAC Day March or service must provide their name, telephone number of email address to the nominated organiser and take reasonably practicable steps to comply with the COVID-19 Safety Plan developed by the nominated organiser.

How can I find out what’s happening in my community?

RSL NSW sub-Branches are updating information on this website as their events are confirmed. Alternatively, please reach out to your local sub-Branch for more information or to show your support for our hard-working volunteers.

How can I commemorate and show my support to veterans?

Australians can commemorate and show their support by staying local and participating in the national ‘Light up the Dawn’ service at dawn. The RSL encourages you to rally your neighbours to participate and share your service on your social media platforms.

Sydney CBD March FAQs
How many places are available to veterans within the March?

In accordance with the current restrictions and NSW Health advice, places in the Sydney CBD March will be limited to 10,000.


I am a current serviceman or woman. How do I register to be in the March?

The Australian Defence Force is coordinating participation for the March.

Will New Zealand be represented?

Yes, RSL NSW will work with the New Zealand Consulate to ensure that New Zealand veterans are represented in the March.

I am a descendant how can I represent my family member at the March?

Descendants should contact the Australian World War One Descendants association or the WWII and Post WWII Descendants association to register their intention to march.

Is the March route through the Sydney CBD the same as previous years?

Yes. Please find link to the Sydney CBD March Route here.

How can I arrange taxi transport to the March?

Please contact RSL NSW and a taxi will be arranged for veterans participating in the March.

How long is the March route?

The march route is approximately 1.2kms. No vehicles will be permitted within the March.

We are a band. Can our band participate in the Sydney CBD March?

A limited amount of bands can participate in the March this year. RSL NSW has extended invites to bands to participate.

Will Her Excellency, the Governor of NSW still lead the March?

Yes, Her Excellency, the Governor of NSW will lead the March, accompanied by her Aide-De-Camps.

Sydney CBD Road Closures

For full list of road closures within the Sydney CBD can be found at visit

Those travelling via bus should be prepared that services will use alternate routes and stops while road closures are in place.

Please head to to plan your trip on public transport.

Can the general public attend and pay their respects from the sidelines?

Yes. COVID-19 contact tracing check-in is required for all spectators.

Other ways in which you can commemorate on ANZAC Day

We encourage you to attend local commemorative services in your community to pay your respects to the ANZAC.

Alternatively, rally your neighbours to ‘Light up the Dawn‘ and donate to the ANZAC Appeal again this year.

Can I watch the March on TV or online?

Yes, the ABC will broadcast the March live on ANZAC Day. It will also be streamed live on RSL NSW Facebook page. The March will also be available to view on iView.

I have more questions. Who do I contact?

Please contact RSL NSW via email or by phone 1300 679 775 during business hours.