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Current NSW Health advice regarding commemorations across NSW

A maximum of 10,000 people can participate in the Sydney CBD ANZAC Day March and must not exceed one person per 2 square metres of space.

Within Greater Sydney and outside of Greater Sydney, a maximum of 5,000 people can attend an ANZAC Day March or service and must not exceed one person per 2 square metres of space.

The nominated organiser of an outdoor ANZAC Day march or service must develop and comply with a COVID-19 Safety Plan required for outdoor protests. Each person participating in an outdoor ANZAC Day March or service must provide their name, telephone number of email address to the nominated organiser and take reasonably practicable steps to comply with the COVID-19 Safety Plan developed by the nominated organiser.

Dress code and wearing of medals  

As the ANZAC is an Act of Remembrance and Commemoration, dress should reflect the dignity of the occasion. Business attire is appropriate.  

Veterans and serving personnel wear their decorations on the left chest. Many people choose to remember deceased relatives by wearing their medals. You are welcome and encouraged to wear your relative’s medals to ANZAC Day, however, please wear these on the right-hand side of your chest.  

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Order of Service for ANZAC Day 

ANNEX A to Chapter 10 of RSL NSW Protocol Regulations outlines a suggested Order of Service, you can find a copy here.

Flag protocol on ANZAC Day 

The Australian National Flag is to be flown at half mast from sunrise until 1200 hours on Anzac Day.   

During individual Anzac Day ceremonies, the Australian National Flag is to be half mast and then raised to the peak during the playing of ‘Reveille’ at the conclusion of the service. Noting Reveille is only played at a Dawn Service, all other times Rouse is to be played (with the exception of the Royal Australian Navy).   

For more information on flag protocol can be found here.


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Trading on ANZAC Day 

Under the Retail Trading Act 2008, trading is prohibited before 13:00/1.00pm on ANZAC Day.  Learn more here.