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Register to participate in the Sydney CBD March by clicking here

Click here for the Order of March

Click here for the Map of the March route

RSL NSW is working with the NSW Government to ensure that a COVID-safe March can take place through the Sydney CBD this year. The Minister for Health and Medical Research has granted an Exemption to the Public Health Order for 10,000 marchers to participate on 25 April including:

  • Current serving members and veterans of the Australian Defence Force
  • Descendants of the Australian Defence Force
  • Veterans of a Commonwealth or Allied Force and their descendants
  • Banner and banner parties
  • Bands (invites to be extended by RSL NSW)

Veterans can march with their relevant unit, ship, squadron, or association and behind their banners.

To comply with the guidelines to the Exemption to the Public Health Order, RSL NSW is required to collect the names and contact details of all marchers for COVID-19 contact tracing purposes. The Secretaries of all unit/ship/squadron/association must now register their intention for their association to march by completing this form on the RSL NSW website.

Veterans who have previously registered to participate in the Sydney CBD March will not be required to re-register and tickets will not be issued.

Descendants should contact the Australian World War One Descendants association or the WWII and Post WWII Descendants association to register their intention to march.

The Order of March is available here. Please note the form up location and arrival time for your association.

Accessibility drop off and pick zones within the CBD can be found at:

  • Macquarie Street at Martin Place (western side, outside St Stephen’s Church)
  • Pitt Street approaching Market Street (eastern side, outside Piccadilly Shopping Centre)
  • Barrack Street at York Street (eastern side of York Street)

Spectators can attend the event and will be required to register their presence at the event. The spectator areas along the march route will be managed by NSW Police and other agencies of the NSW Government.

Further details on eligibility and all other aspects of the Sydney CBD March are available here.


As we are still operating within a pandemic environment it is important that all participants acknowledge their personal responsibility in following the current health advice including:

  • Stay home if you’re feeling unwell with symptoms of COVID-19 or have had symptoms of COVID-19 within the 72 hours prior and have not received a negative COVID-19 test result.
  • Stay home if you have been to a location on a date and time that NSW Health has issued a self-isolation and get tested immediately alert ( or if you have been directed by NSW Health that you must self-isolate.
  • Practice physical distancing when queuing in form up area, whilst marching, and in the dispersal area.
  • Face masks are encouraged when it is hard to maintain 1.5 metres of physical distance.
  • Participants must stay the form up area once onsite.
  • Participants must leave the dispersal area immediately once dispersed.
  • Follow signage and the directives of staff, police and marshals at all times.
  • Practice high-level hygiene, including washing your hands and/or using sanitiser regularly, coughing or sneezing into your elbow and refrain from shaking hands with fellow veterans.
  • It is recommended that participants carry a small bottle of hand sanitiser.
  • Consider downloading the COVIDSafe app ahead of the day.

This event may change or be cancelled at any time under COVID-19 regulations.

You must provide your name and phone number to the person responsible for your group registration for contact tracing purposes.

ANZAC Day Sydney CBD March FAQs
What is the eligibility criteria?

Priority will be given to Australian Defence Force veterans who served in World War II and all other conflicts to date, including current operations. WWII veterans have been notified in writing about the registration process. If you are a WWII veteran and did not receive a letter from RSL NSW in December 2020, please contact us.

Further details on eligibility for the Sydney CBD March are available here

How many places are available to veterans within the March?

In accordance with the current restrictions and NSW Health advice, places in the Sydney CBD March will be limited to 10,000. The places will be allocated to veterans across each service branch and conflict from World War II to current operations.

I am a current serviceman or woman. How do I register to be in the March?

The Australian Defence Force is coordinating participation for the March.

Will New Zealand be represented?

Yes, RSL NSW will work with the New Zealand Consulate to ensure that New Zealand veterans are represented in the March.

I am a descendant how can I represent my family member at the March?

Descendants should contact the Australian World War One Descendants association or the WWII and Post WWII Descendants association to register their intention to march.

Is the March route through the Sydney CBD the same as previous years?

Yes. Please find link to the Sydney CBD March Route here.

How long is the March route?

Any veteran wishing to participate must be able to march on foot up to 1km. No vehicles will be permitted within the March.

We are a band. How can we register?

A limited amount of bands can participate in the March this year. RSL NSW has extended invites to bands to participate.

Will Her Excellency, the Governor of NSW still lead the March?

Yes, Her Excellency, the Governor of NSW will lead the March, accompanied by her Aide-De-Camps.

Sydney CBD Road Closures

For full list of road closures within the Sydney CBD can be found at visit

Those travelling via bus should be prepared that services will use alternate routes and stops while road closures are in place.

Please head to to plan your trip on public transport.

Can the general public attend and pay their respects from the sidelines?

Yes. COVID-19 contact tracing check-in will be required.

Other ways in which you can commemorate on ANZAC Day

We encourage you to attend local commemorative services in your community to pay your respects to the ANZAC.

Alternatively, rally your neighbours to ‘Light up the Dawn’ and donate to the ANZAC Appeal again this year.

Can I watch the March on TV or online?

Yes, the ABC will broadcast the March live on ANZAC Day. It will also be streamed live on RSL NSW Facebook page. The March will also be available to view on iView.

I have more questions. Who do I contact?

Please contact RSL NSW via email or by phone 1300 679 775 during business hours.