RSL NSW is working with the NSW Government to ensure that a COVID-safe March can take place through the Sydney CBD this year. This March is limited to 500 veterans in accordance with social distancing, health, and safety requirements.

Entry into the Sydney CBD March will be by way of a ballot process. Veterans can register their interest by completing this form by 19 March 2021.

Every effort will be taken to have ADF veteran representatives from all conflicts who served in World War II and all other conflicts to date, including current operations. Some places will be allocated to current serving members by the Australian Defence Force.

WWII veterans have been notified in writing that they do not need to apply for the ballot. If you are a WWII veteran and did not receive a letter from RSL NSW in December 2020, please contact us on 1300 679 775.

Considering the Royal Australian Air Force 2021 Centenary, RAAF veterans will be prominent in the March.

Unit/Ship/Squadron associations and bands are not eligible to register; the ballot is only open to individual veterans. We ask that you ensure this information is disseminated to your association members.

Successful participants will be notified on or before 1 April 2021 and provided with event details including conditions of entry and a ticket. Entry to the marshalling area for the March will not be permitted without a valid ticket.

RSL NSW is monitoring the ballot submissions and has the full support of the NSW Government to increase the amount of participants if required. It’s important to submit an expression of interest to participate in the March so that RSL NSW can issue tickets accordingly.

In order to keep our veterans safe, RSL NSW encourages NSW residents to commemorate locally and participate in the ‘Light up the Dawn’ initiative rather than travelling to the Sydney CBD. The March will be televised live to the public by the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC).

For more information about Dawn Services, Marches and Commemorations in all other NSW locations, please visit the NSW Local ANZAC Day page here.


ANZAC Day Sydney CBD March FAQs
What are the eligibility criteria?

Priority will be given to Australian Defence Force veterans who served in World War II and all other conflicts to date, including current operations. WWII veterans have been notified in writing that they do not need to apply for the ballot. If you are a WWII veteran and did not receive a letter from RSL NSW in December 2020, please contact us.

How many places are available to veterans within the March?

In accordance with the current restrictions and NSW Health advice, places in the Sydney CBD March will be limited to 500. The places will be allocated to veterans across each service branch and conflict from World War II to current operations. Positions will be allocated to those who have expressed interest in the ballot.

I am a current serviceman or woman. How do I register to be in the March?

Limited places will be available to each service branch for current Australian Defence Force (ADF) servicemen and women. Places will be allocated by the ADF and not by the ballot process.

Will New Zealand be represented?

Yes, RSL NSW will work with the New Zealand Consulate to ensure that New Zealand veterans are represented in the March.

I am a descendant how can I represent my family member?

Priority will be given to veterans and due to limitations on numbers, descendants are not able to participate in the 2021 Sydney CBD March. We encourage you to attend your local commemoration services.

What information do I need to provide to complete the expression of interest form to be in the ballot?

In addition to your contact details, you will need to provide information on your service (service number, rank, number of years served, unit/ship/squadron, conflict or operational deployment).

What will happen after the ballot closes?

After the ballot closes on 19 March 2021, all registrations will be reviewed to confirm eligibility and allocated places where possible. All applicants will be contacted to confirm the outcome.


What happens if I am successful in the ballot?

You will be sent a confirmation email which will include the conditions of entry to the March. Your ticket will be posted to the address provided on your registration form. You must bring this ticket and ID to gain entry to the form up area on the day.

Is the March route through the Sydney CBD the same as previous years?

No. The route will be moved to reflect the reduced numbers and a shorter March with the intention to keep veterans safe.

How long is the March route?

Any veteran wishing to participate must be able to march on foot up to 1km. No vehicles will be permitted within the March. Should any veteran require accessibility access, please complete the Expression of Interest form to outline your requirements.

How do I register my unit or association?

The ballot is only open to individuals to who match the eligibility criteria. To ensure that a March can take place, priority will be given to veterans and therefore the usual order of the March has been changed and will not permit any group registrations or unit/association banners.

We are a band. How can we register in the ballot?

Priority will be given to veterans and due to limitations on numbers and NSW Health advice around the use of instruments at public events, bands are not able to participate this year.

I usually provide a banner or march behind a banner for a specific association. Can I participate?

Due to the change on the order of the March this year, banners are not permitted. Veterans will march in groups according to their branch of service.

Will Her Excellency, the Governor of NSW still lead the March?

Yes, Her Excellency, the Governor of NSW will lead the March, accompanied by her Aide-De-Camps.

Sydney CBD Road Closures

Roads within the Sydney CBD will be closed from 2am to 4pm on 25 April 2021 and includes pedestrian access in some streets. Access within the closed site will be by ticket or vehicle permit only.

For full list of road closures within the Sydney CBD can be found at visit

Travel on public transport to and from ANZAC Day events is free for current and ex-Australian Defence Force personnel in uniform, wearing their medals or who have proof of service. Veterans’ families, carers, widows and widowers also travel free.

Those travelling via bus should be prepared that services will use alternate routes and stops while road closures are in place.

Please head to to plan your trip on public transport.

Accessibility drop-off and pick up areas can be located at:

  • Macquarie Street at Martin Place (western side, outside St Stephen’s Church)
  • Pitt Street approaching Market Street (eastern side, outside Piccadilly Shopping Centre)
  • Barrack Street at York Street (eastern side of York Street)
Can the general public attend and pay their respects from the sidelines?

Our priority is to keep our veterans safe and conduct the event within NSW Government COVID-19 guidelines. The public is discouraged from attending the March. This will include veteran and war widow seating.

Other ways in which you can commemorate on ANZAC Day

We encourage you to go to your local commemorative services to pay your respects to the ANZAC.

Can I watch the March on TV or online?

Yes, the ABC will broadcast the March live on ANZAC Day. It will also be streamed live on RSL NSW Facebook page. The March will also be available to view on iView.

I have more questions. Who do I contact?

Please contact RSL NSW via email or by phone 1300 679 775 during business hours.