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3rd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment 50th Anniversary Reunion – 2nd Tour Vietnam 1971
5 June 2021

Canberra – 5th and 6th June 2021

Commemoration for the Battle Long Khanh Operation Overlord 7th June (1971)  – 2021 Vietnam Forces National Memorial Anzac Parade

Canberran former members, partners, friends and families of the 3rd Battalion RAR Vietnam 1971 are invited to participate in the 50th Anniversary Reunion and the Commemoration Service for the Battle of Long Khanh.

Special invitation is extended to the families of the fallen and NOK of former members. You’re invited to contact your Battalion, company or section representatives for details or provide your personal details to the name that appears below who will communicate updates on events and schedules planned. A significant anniversary with events of interest to all.

Commemoration for the Battle of Long Khanh will equally recognise the significant efforts of 9 Sqn RAAF, 12th Fd Regt (RAA), C Sqn 1st Armd Regt, A Sqn 3 Cav Regt and 1 & 2 Fd Sqn (RAE) & D & E Platoon ATF and others.

Members please contact your association representative or call the contact below for details.