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Support the Restoration of Australia’s Memorial Walk at North Head Sanctuary
1 August 2019

The Australian Memorial Walk honours those who have served and supported the defence of Australia in peace or in war. The paved pathway links five monuments erected to remember the major conflict periods in Australia’s history: Colonial, World War I, World War II, Post World War II, and Peace Operations. It is listed on the NSW Register of War Memorials.

Along the Pathway there are over 4000 individual pavers and 60 centrepiece pavers. The Royal Australian Artillery Historical Company (RAAHC), which has initiated and developed the Walk, is now undertaking a project to renovate the panels outlining the stories on the Monuments. The current panels have deteriorated over time due to weathering. The project proposes designing and fitting twelve new bronze panels on the main Monuments at a cost of over $40,000. The restoration will commence in late 2019 through funding of one Monument restoration provided by the RAAHC and continued in phases until completion.

The RAAHC is seeking funds for the subsequent phases of the restoration via Grants and donations from veterans’ organisations. All donations are tax deductible. A laid paver will acknowledge donations over $500.

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Contact: Honorary Secretary