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Fall of Singapore – 80th Anniversary

The 15 February marks the anniversary of the Fall of Singapore, one of the worst military disasters to befall Australia, and one of the greatest defeats in British history.



Cenotaph, Martin Place



Tuesday 15 February, 11am




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February 15 marks the 80th Anniversary of the Fall of Singapore in 1942, one of the darkest days in Australia’s wartime history.

On this day an estimated 130,000 British troops became prisoners of war, including 15,000 members of the 8th Division, 2nd AIF.

Australian losses during the campaign were severe. Some battalions lost half their strength in the space of a few weeks. In one of the costliest campaigns for Australia in the Second World War, 1789 Australians were killed and 1306 were wounded. In a single week of fighting on Singapore Island, more than 880 Australians were killed. It was one of the few campaigns in which the total dead exceeded the number of wounded.

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