Indigenous Veterans Commemoration Service



Anzac Memorial, Hyde Park



Friday 28 May, 10:50am




1300 679 775


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The ceremony continues to gather momentum since its inception in 2007, in uniting Australians to remember and honour the service and sacrifice of indigenous veterans. The exceptional guest speakers and their remarkable stories continue to inspire our youth, indigenous and non-indigenous alike.

Since the Boer War, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have fought for Australia. While exact numbers will never be known, it is estimated that 500-800 Aboriginal diggers served in World War I. Five Aboriginal diggers are known to have died fighting at Gallipoli.

Anywhere from 3,000-6,000 served in World War II, and in proportion to population, no community in Australia contributed more to the war effort than the Islanders of the Torres Strait. The proud tradition of indigenous service continues today.

In 2021, the guest speaker will be Wing Commander Jonathon Lilley, Air Force.

Please note due to COVID-19 regulations, there is limited opportunity to watch this service live, we ask that you tune in to the livestream on