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Veteran medals - Photo credit: Department of Defence

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Day

18 August 2020
On this day we gather to remember and respect all those Australians that served during the Vietnam war; those who gave the ultimate sacrifice; those who returned and were forever scarred; and those who cared for our veterans.

Vietnam Veterans Commemoration at Kokoda Walkway

19 August 2020
Ceremony commemorating all Australian Vietnam Veterans held on the anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan.    More
Veteran medals - Photo credit: Department of Defence

80th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain

15 September 2020
In the summer and autumn of 1940 the Royal Air Force (RAF) fought a prolonged battle in defence of Britain against an experienced and numerically superior German Luftwaffe.    More
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Commemoration of the Battles of 3rd Ypres

26 September 2020
The Service commemorates the Battles of Third Ypres in Belgium and will also celebrate the bond between Australia, New Zealand, Britain and Belgium in The Great War    More
Event - breakfast

Veterans Health Day at Concord Hospital

30 October 2020
Annual day at Concord Hospital held during Veterans Health Week    More

Kokoda Day Service

3 November 2020
On this day we recall and pay tribute to the service and sacrifice of those troops who took part in the bitter fighting that occurred along the whole of the Kokoda Trail.    More
Event - The Cenotaph

Remembrance Day Service at Kokoda Walkway

11 November 2020
Commemoration Service on the anniversary when the guns of the Western Front fell silent after four years of continuous warfare on 11 November 1918    More