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This page provides information on ANZAC House for RSL NSW members.

Organisational Structure at ANZAC House

Click here to view the current organisation chart for ANZAC House. This shows the various teams and functions based at ANZAC House.

You can read more about the role of these teams by viewing the About Us > ANZAC House page.

Organisation Chart From 1 July 2020

The following organisation chart conveys the intended ANZAC House staffing from 1 July 2020.

This structure is necessary to fit within the approved (by board) FY 20/21 budget position.

This balanced budget relies on predicted profit from the Hyde Park Inn, small donations and investment returns. It still requires $1m contribution from sub-Branches to support the delivery of services and events coordinated by ANZAC House.

The design provides minimum capability to manage the League in NSW, and be in a position to commence the implementation of the proposed strategic plan next FY, if that is decided.  Ideally, additional income is required to further the advancement of the League, e.g. policy/advocacy, legal support and comms, and mitigate ongoing risks by reinforcing compliance and governance functions, including contractor oversight. This additional funding is dependent on future decisions by the broader membership, and the board’s considerations of risk and compliance.

This structure is presented for consultation with impacted employees and stakeholders until 20 March 2020.

Any feedback is to be sent to the CFO via the Support team.


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ANZAC House, Level 5, 341 George St, Sydney NSW 2000