2020 Diary Sub-Branch Order Form

How to Order

  • Complete the order form below.
  • This order form is for sub-Branches only. No individual orders will be accepted, except for ANZAC House members.
  • Your sub-branch will be invoiced the total cost including postage and handling.
  • Please note: orders cannot be taken over the phone.

Product Details

  • Product: RSL NSW Pocket Diary 2020 (130mm x 85mm)
  • Price: $5.50 (includes GST)

Postage & Handling Details

+ $6.70 (up to 6 items)
+ 8.55 (up to 15 items)
+ $11.55 (up to 28 items)
+ $14.55 (up to 45 items)
+ $17.60 (up to 85 items)
+ $30.00 (up to 125 items)
Quantities above 125 go by multiples of the carton quantity/rate

For example: (26 diaries @ $5.50 each = $143) + (postage and handling @ $11.55) = $154.55

Postage & Handling CONDITIONS:

  1. Up to a maximum total P&H charge of $30 for 125 diaries
  2. Delivery of diaries is expected to begin from late September/early October
  3. Please allow up to three weeks for delivery
  4. Place your order ASAP to secure early delivery


2020 Diary Order Form

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