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Board Expenses

Information on expenses claimed by RSL NSW Board members
2020 Board Election Feedback

2020 Board Election Feedback

RSL NSW has formed a Steering Committee charged with conducting a review of the policies, processes...
Draft Constitution 2019


RSL NSW’s governing document is the RSL NSW constitution, which is supported by a suite of...
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Email Access for Sub-Branches

Sub-Branch executives can access their official RSL NSW sub-Branch email accounts from any computer....
Sub-Branch Guide documents

Guide Documents for Sub-Branches

Here you’ll find resources for sub-Branches, including information on sub-Branch email addresses...
Renew or transfer your membership

Membership Renewal or Transfer

You can renew your RSL NSW membership through your sub-Branch. Or download and complete a form to...
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Standard Operating Procedures

The Standard Operating Procedures are here to help you carry out routine operations, achieve...


This page contains RSL NSW Policy documents.
Model Constitutions for Sub-Branch Incorporation

Sub-Branch Incorporation

The RSL NSW constitution enables RSL NSW Sub-Branches to incorporate. This can be done under two...
Whistleblower hotline

Whistleblower hotline

The RSL NSW Whistleblower Hotline is an independent and confidential service available to receive...