RSL NSW 2020 Board Election

Election Results


The results of the 2020 RSL NSW Board Election have been announced by the Returning Officer, independent third-party Link Market Services.

Here is a letter from the Returning Officer that confirms the RSL NSW ELECTIONS FINAL RESULTS

On the rising of the AGM on 7 December, the new board will take effect.




Being a Director
Who is eligible to be a Director of RSL NSW?

All RSL NSW Service Members who meet the eligibility criteria set out in the RSL NSW Constitution and who submit a complete election Nominations Form by 12pm, 1 September 2020 can stand for election. Affiliate and Auxiliary Members cannot stand for election.

What is the role of the RSL NSW Board?

The key role of the Board is to ensure that RSL NSW does all things necessary to further its charitable purpose and acts at all times in the best interests of RSL NSW. The Board’s responsibilities are set out in the RSL NSW Act 2018 (NSW), the RSL NSW Constitution and the Board Charter (annexed to this FAQ). Board members also have specific legal obligations they must meet in order to properly discharge their duties as Directors.

What is a 'Fit and Proper Person'?

The RSL NSW Constitution defines Fit and Proper Person as being a person having the attributes of good character, diligence, honesty, integrity and judgement which can reasonably be expected of an RSL NSW Member or of any position of office held under the RSL NSW Constitution.

What specific skills do I need to be a Director and what sort of time commitment is involved?

Directors must be financially literate, be business literate and be comfortable using technology. Directors must understand their legal roles and duties as set out in ACNC and Corporations legislation. In agreeing to be a Director of RSL NSW, Directors must understand that they may be held personally liable for any failure to meet their legal obligations.

RSL NSW Directors are expected to be willing (and able) to travel to Sydney for Board meetings (currently every second Board Meeting) and join at least 1 RSL NSW committee. The Board generally has 10 meetings scheduled each year but there may be more to deal with extraordinary matters as required.  Board meetings generally require a full day’s commitment.

From time to time Directors are also required to attend RSL NSW and RSL NSW related functions and ceremonies from time to time.

Proper participation in Board Meetings requires Directors to take the time to prepare for meetings by reading and understanding papers provided in advance of the meeting.

Being the President of RSL NSW
Is the President also a Director of RSL NSW?

The President is a dual role on the Board; they serve both as Director and President.

What is the role of the President?

The President is the principal spokesperson for the League in NSW. The responsibilities of the role are principally to:

  • protect RSL NSW’s policy of non-alignment with any political party;
  • act as principal spokesperson and representative of ANZAC House and/or RSL NSW;
  • represent ANZAC House and/or RSL NSW at commemorative functions, ceremonies and other activities, including District Presidents’ Council, District Council and/or sub- Branch meetings or presentations;
  • preside over General or Special State Congress, which includes the AGM or any EGM.
What time commitment is expected of the President?

The time commitment expected of the RSL NSW President varies, however as can be expected, the time commitment required to properly fulfill the requirements of the role is greater than that a director.

The President has a dual role and is required to satisfy the requirements and obligations of a Director on the Board of RSL NSW as well as attending meetings, ceremonies and such other events as may be required from time to time.

The President is also on the Board of RSL National and is required to fill the requirements of that role in addition to general director and presidential duties.

About the Election
What’s different about the 2020 Election of Directors?

This election is the first election conducted pursuant to the RSL NSW Act 2018 (NSW) where every financial RSL NSW Service Member is eligible to cast a vote.

RSL NSW has appointed Link Market Services (Link) as the independent third party to conduct the 2020 Election. In conducting the election, Link will also be the Returning Officer. The purpose of appointing a third-party Returning Officer is to ensure probity and integrity of the election process.

Eligibility and background checks will be conducted for all candidates standing for election. As a requirement of nomination, each candidate is required to apply for a National Police Check and obtain a National Police Certificate (NPC) that is to be submitted with their nomination documents.

How many board positions are being filled?

The 2020 Election is seeking nominations for seven member elected Directors and President. The elected President also serves as a director, bringing the total of member elected positions on the Board to eight.

RSL NSW also has 2 independent directors on the Board (as defined in the RSL NSW Act 2018). These positions are Board appointed positions and will not be filled in this election.

Eligibility to Stand for Election
What background/eligibility checks will be conducted for the election?

The Returning Officer will conduct the following checks for all candidates;

  • RSL NSW membership eligibility
  • Bankruptcy
  • Directorships
  • Disqualifications and bans (ASIC)
Who is eligible to stand for election?

All RSL NSW Service Members who meet the eligibility criteria set out in the RSL NSW Constitution and who submit a complete election Nominations Form by 12pm, 1 September 2020 can stand for election. Affiliate and Auxiliary Members cannot stand for election.

Why do I need to conduct my own police check?

It is becoming more and more common for organisations to have National Police Checks conducted on members of their Board. As a not for profit organisation and registered charity, RSL NSW has made the decision that candidates wanting to stand for election will need to submit a NPC obtained at their own cost as part of their nomination to stand as a candidate.

All other eligibility checks will be run at the cost of the organisation.

Instructions for obtaining your NPC are clearly set out in the nomination form, be sure to allow yourself time to make your online application for your NPC and to present at a NSW Police station to have your identity verified.

Who can vote or support a nomination?

All RSL NSW financial Service Members can support a candidate nomination and vote in the election. Affiliate and Auxiliary Members cannot support a candidate nomination or vote in the election.

Nomination Process
(Please note: Nominations have now closed)

Nominations for candidates in the 2020 RSL NSW Board Election closed at 12.00pm on Tuesday 1 September. 

 Candidate nominations are currently being validated by the Returning Officer.  Successful candidates standing for election will be announced on this site on 7 September.

 Voting will open for eligible service members from 12.00pm on Monday 5 October.

How do I get my Nominations Pack?

Nominations Packs can be obtained from the Returning Officer (see contact details above). The Returning Officer will email you the Election Information Pack (which will include the Nominations Form). Election Information Packs will not be posted they are only available via email.

How can I submit my Nomination?

Nominations Forms and supporting documentation must be returned by email, post or in person to the Returning Officer as follows:

Email to

Post, addressed to:
The Returning Officer
RSL NSW Election of Directors
PO Box 1508
NSW 1234

In person to the Returning Officer, Aaron Calder at
Link Market Services,

Level 12, 680 George Street, SYDNEY NSW 2000

When is the latest I can get all my paperwork in by?

The Returning Officer must have received all your paperwork, correctly completed, as set out in the Candidate Nomination form, by 12pm on Tuesday 1 September.

What if I'm running late with my paperwork?

There will be no exceptions made for late submissions of your nomination materials. Late or incomplete nominations materials will not be accepted. It is strongly recommended that you do not leave your submissions to the last minute.  As explained in the nomination form, there are elements of the nomination process that can take up to 10-15 business days to complete.

There is a grace period until 15 September to allow for any delays with receipt of the NPC.  At the close of nominations, candidates must submit a copy of their NPC application confirmation, signed by a representative of the NSW Police, otherwise their nomination will be considered invalid.

How do I know if my Nominators are eligible to nominate me as a candidate? Who is Eligible to vote?

Members eligible to nominate candidates to stand for election are any members who are Service Members and who are financial. This includes Life Subscribers, Life Members and Honorary Members. It excludes Affiliate and Auxiliary Members.

When will I know that my nomination has been accepted?

Candidates will be announced, as they will appear on the ballot, on the RSL NSW website, as soon as practicable after the close of nominations, pending the time it takes to conduct the relevant eligibility checks and to draw the lots for positions on the ballot.

How many ballots are being run?

Two ballots are being run – one for President and one for Director. Candidates nominating for both roles will appear on both ballots.

How will positions on the ballot paper be determined?

Positions on the ballot paper will be determined by a drawing of lots. Once all the relevant checks have been completed the Returning Officer will draw lots for each ballot.

When does voting for Members open?

Voting opens on 5 October 2020. Postal votes must be sent by 10 November 2020. Online voting closes on 24 November 2020. If you don’t get your postal vote in on time, you can vote online until voting closes at 5pm 24 November 2020.

How do I vote?

Members eligible to vote can do so online via a secure voting portal or cast their vote using the ballot papers circulated in the October issue of Reveille.

Where do I go with Questions?
Questions about the nominations process including my eligibility to stand

All questions about the elections process (including nominations) should be sent to the Returning Officer Link Market Services.


Phone: 1800 260 668

Questions about voting or nominator eligibility

If there is any doubt about your membership and eligibility to vote or to support a nomination, please contact the RSL NSW Support Unit on:

The RSL NSW Support Unit can help confirm your membership status or membership class.