COVID-19 Rent Deferral Strategy

The impact of COVID-19 has seen many tenants of sub-Branches request sub-Branch landlords to assist them with meeting their rental obligations. Assistance  can be provided by way of a rental forebearance for a period of three months, after which time the matter can be reviewed as events related to COVID-19 unfold.

This needs to be formally documented and approved by RSL NSW under the constitution.

Please download and complete this rent forebearance checklist [Word document] and email to

Requests will be considered on a case by case basis in the context that rent received under tenancies across the sub-Branch network is charitable money and should be dealt with accordingly.


It is particularly important that sub-Branches can demonstrate that they have properly dealt with conflicts of interest for example, where sub-Branch executive/trustees are also on the Club Board.

For example for those sub-Branches where sub-Branch executives/trustees are also on the Club Board they will need to show that the conflict of interest has been appropriately managed.

What Happens Next?

Presuming the request is approved, RSL NSW will provide you with a letter for sub-Branch Trustees to execute and submit to the tenant for countersignature to demonstrate their understanding that monies will need to be repaid in accordance with the terms of the letter.

Please ensure that once signed, a copy of the letter is emailed to