Feedback on amendments to the RSL NSW Constitution

At the 2020 RSL NSW AGM, motions that were submitted requesting amendments to the RSL NSW Constitution were not debated in the usual forum due to the restricted nature of the online event. RSL NSW undertook to Members that the motions affected would be deferred to the 2021 AGM and included in a general review of the Constitution.

An RSL NSW Constitution Review Committee was formed and comprises an independent chair, two members of the RSL NSW Board, two District Presidents’ Council Representatives, and the RSL NSW Company Secretary. The Committee is conducting a review of the motions which will be put forward for consideration and adoption at the 2021 RSL NSW AGM.

Please note that the scope of the review is narrow and will not enable a ground up redraft of the Constitution.

The Committee is also charged with addressing minor drafting and procedural corrections to the document that have been identified across the League since the Constitution’s adoption in 2019.

Members may submit general comments that address corrections or to seek clarification but any formal motion for review will need to be submitted to ANZAC House in accordance with the Appendix C of the Constitution.

Members will be provided with a marked-up version of the document and an Information Memorandum so that the proposed changes are clear and easily understood for consideration in advance of the 2021 AGM.

Please submit your comments and feedback by 30 April 2021 so that they can be incorporated into the review process.

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To ensure that a document is presented to Members in the second half of a July, the timing for review is very tight. We appreciate Members’ efforts in considering the motions and submitting any comments prior to 30 April.

Click the links below to read the motions submitted to the 2020 AGM:

East Maitland

Enfield Croydon Park

Far Western Metropolitan DC