A fitness app, a PhD student, and a university join forces

If you’re looking for a hands-on way to manage your mental health, fitness, and wellbeing from wherever you are the Swiss 8 app might be the right option for you.

Jake joined the Australian Army as a Rifleman in 2010 before transferring to the Reserves and completing a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) with the University of Newcastle.

Throughout his time at university Jake remained active within the Reserves and after graduating was deployed on maritime border security operations for 6 months.

When Jake returned from deployment he was offered a position as a PhD candidate with the University of Newcastle to focus on the mental health of ​contemporary ex-serving ADF personnel, only to be deployed to Afghanistan shortly after. Since returning to Australia, Jake, ​Swiss 8, and ​the University of Newcastle have launched the Swiss 8 Research Project to evaluate the effect of the Swiss 8 app on the mental health of ​contemporary ex-serving ADF personnel.

Swiss 8 aims to encourage ex-serving ADF personnel to maintain a daily routine around positive lifestyle factors such as fitness, nutrition, mindfulness and sleep​. Their app has been developed to assist with the prevention of mental health decline in the later years of transition from the Australian Defence Force to civilian life.

The outcomes of this research will guide ongoing program development for the app as well as other intervention strategies for ADF personnel. The research is open to ex-serving personnel who joined the ADF after 1991.

If you would like to take part or learn more visit Swiss8 research.

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