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Circulars 25 Mar 2022

Circular 14/22 Updating Office Bearers and member data in the sub-Branch Portal

There have been some technical issues with the sub-Branch Portal which has affected updating members to ‘Active’ for 2022. This issue has now been resolved.

Circular 8/22 “Update Members as ‘Active’ or ‘Inactive’ in the sub-Branch Portal” highlighted that member records would automatically default to ‘Inactive’ (formerly known as ‘Unfinancial’) on 1 January 2022 and that Honorary Secretaries, or the person responsible for maintaining membership records in the sub-Branch Portal, need to update the record of each member who wishes to remain ‘Active’ in the ’Renewals’ tab of the sub-Branch portal.

This also serves as a good opportunity to review members’ contact details including their postal and email address so that they receive important updates about services and support, such as the Reveille in print and/or digital format. ANZAC House can support sub-Branches to conduct a review of their members’ contact information by generating an export of this data from the Portal and providing guidance on how to make updates in the Portal.

With many sub-Branch AGMs taking place currently and in some cases the resulting change to who occupies leadership roles, sub-Branch Executives are reminded that the responsibility to promptly update any changes of Office Bearers in the sub-Branch Portal lies with the sub-Branch.

Please contact the Member Support Team on 1300 679 775 or email if you require assistance or have any questions about the sub-Branch Portal.