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Circular – 19 November 2020

Appointment of Scrutineer for 2020 Board Election

Sub-Branches would be aware that we are in the final week of voting for the Board Election. We encourage all to visit the 2020 Board Election page on the RSL NSW website and select ‘Vote Now’ to cast your vote online by 5pm on 24 November if you haven’t already voted. Remember that postal voting is now closed.

All questions about the elections process and the voting portal should be directed to the Returning Officer at Link Market Services on 1800 260 668. Any questions regarding membership and voting should be directed to RSL NSW Support on 1300 679 775.

Following request from a candidate, the Returning Officer, Link Market Services, has agreed to accommodate the appointment of a Scrutineer for the purposes of review of the Election process.

The Returning Officer has written to all candidates advising them of the opportunity which is subject to the following information:

  1. Scrutineers must be from recognised audit firm (such as PWC or EY) or third party in the business of providing Scrutineer services.
  2. Costs of the Scrutineer must be covered by the Candidates personally. Sub-Branches paying the costs of a Scrutineer is not a recognised use of charitable funds.
  3. Candidates are responsible for appointing the Scrutineers and the Returning Officer will engage with the Scrutineer once their details are provided.
  4. Once appointed the Scrutineer will be required to attend the Link Market Services office in Sydney CBD to review documents received or votes received online.

Candidates’ intention to appoint a Scrutineer must be communicated to the Returning Officer no later than 5pm Friday 20 November 2020 to ensure confirmation of election results is not delayed.

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