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Circular- 28 September 2020




While it is great to see democracy in full swing for our Board election, some members have contacted ANZAC House to seek advice on what is, and is not, appropriate electioneering. In the League, there are a number of activities that have been traditionally acceptable and others that members have rejected.

Some acceptable forms of electioneering are:

  • Candidates asking to attend and address meetings
  • Candidates writing to sub-Branches to outline their platform and vision for RSL NSW
  • Candidates telephoning their contacts to explain their reasons for standing for the Board

Please note that RSL NSW will not provide contact details for candidates wishing to contact sub-Branches or members for these activities.

Some unacceptable forms of electioneering are:

  • Creating and distributing “how-to-vote” material
  • Attending meetings uninvited or unannounced
  • Soliciting votes based on promises of action once elected
  • Coercing votes as a result of support a member or sub-Branch may have received in the past

RSL members and especially candidates for office should act at all time within the definition of a Fit and Proper Person contained in the Constitution 


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