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Member Newsletter – 27 May 2020

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Dear members,


Recommencing Draft Strategic Plan Consultation

Thank you to all of you for taking precautions and following safety advice relating to COVID-19 and thank you for your understanding when consultation on the strategic plan had to be halted suddenly. With restrictions easing, RSL NSW CEO, Jon Black will recommence consultation with members on the draft strategic plan from Monday, 1 June 2020.

As before, the outcome sought from the consultation is the incorporation of member suggestions and support for a plan to secure the future of the League in NSW. The process will be important, and the desire is to engage with members directly.

As part of the consultation Jon Black will be making sub-Branch visits from Monday, 1 June 2020 through to Monday, 31 August 2020.

Jon Black will be accompanied by a board member (where possible) or another executive team member from ANZAC House.

If sub-Branches would like to arrange a face-to-face visit, or alternatively a videoconference (via Microsoft Teams), they are invited to email as soon as possible.

For a visits schedule to be determined, please provide the following details when making your request:

  1. two to three date and time options
  2. the approximate number of members expected to be in attendance
  3. best contact person’s name, email and phone number

Following this, ANZAC House will contact you to provide the details of your scheduled visit.


Correct Protocol for National Patron

Her Majesty the Queen has accepted patronage of the national body of the RSL, which is a separate entity from the State Branches and sub-Branches.

Accordingly, the advice from Government House Canberra is to make it clear that Her Majesty is Patron of the national body. There is no impediment to State Branches and sub-Branches reflecting this in their own correspondence and letterheads, but they should do so on the basis that clearly reflects patronage of the national body. One formula that Branch/sub-Branches could use is:

  • National Patron: Her Majesty The Queen
  • State Branch Patron: Her Excellency the Honourable Margaret Beazley AC QC
  • Sub-Branch Patron: Name


NSW Government Veterans Survey

The NSW Government through the Office for Veterans Affairs is asking for your feedback on issues faced by veterans and their families, and how they can better support them.

This feedback will inform the NSW Government veterans’ strategy concerning the services that are provided to support veterans and their families living in New South Wales.

They would like to hear from veterans, their families and friends, ex-service organisations and those involved in providing veterans’ services.

RSL NSW encourages you to share your views on veterans’ issues and services by participating in the survey here:


Vet Friendly Club Program

This program engages, accredits and connects sporting clubs with a desire to support and encourage involvement in their club community with current and ex-serving veterans of the Australian Defence Force. The program has launched with rugby clubs in NSW to provide rugby as a means of recreation and rehabilitation for veterans.

RSL NSW sub-Branches can make a significant impact by assisting with the integration process where needed and offering guidance as the veterans and clubs negotiate their relationship, ensuring that the veterans are being accepted into the club community.

Further information on this program is available on the community noticeboard of the RSL NSW website.


RSL NSW Auxiliaries Newsletter

The May 2020 RSL NSW Auxiliary newsletter is now available on the RSL NSW website.


Thank you for reading,


Jeff O’Brien

State Secretary & GM Member Services

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