Recent Updates from DVA - Photo Credit: Department of Defence

Recent Updates from DVA – Housing Support & WWII Medallions

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs and the NSW Department of Communities and Justice have recently shared updates that may impact veterans and their families.


Housing Support for Veterans

Improving understanding of veteran homelessness among housing providers will be the focus of a new set of industry standards, training materials and a toolkit being developed by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) and the Community Housing Industry Association (CHIA).

“Partnering with CHIA on this work is vital as it represents all community housing providers across Australia, managing more than 100,000 rental properties, which will allow us to connect with veteran communities in all states and territories,” said Darren Chester MP, Minister for Veterans’ Affairs. Read more here.

Further to this, the NSW Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) has created a new information and referral service for veterans and ex-service members in NSW that are homeless or at risk. It’s called Link2home Veterans and Ex-Service. The number is 1800 326 989 and this is on the DCJ website along with other relevant phone numbers and information for veterans that are experiencing homelessness.


Commemorative Medallion and Certificate for World War II Veterans

A special commemorative medallion marking the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War is now available to every living Second World War veteran to say ‘thank you for your service’.

The medallion, available to all living veterans who apply, will be presented in a display case and is a gesture of appreciation from a grateful nation to those veterans who fought to protect our way of life in the terrible conflict that ended 75 years ago.

Second World War veterans, or their families on their behalf, can apply online at or, for those without internet access, by phone on 02 61918217 during business hours. The Commemorative Medallions and Certificates will be distributed during August. Read more here.


Women and Families Council Boosted With Skills and Expertise

The voices of women who have served in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and family members of ADF personnel will be better heard with nine new members appointed in advisory roles to support the important work of the Council for Women and Families United by Defence Service.

The 14 current members of the Council will continue to provide invaluable insight and advice going forward, but with the new members providing additional expertise, experience and skills in ensuring the Council is fully informed and able to provide effect and timely advice to Government. The advisors will also participate in consultation and communication with veterans and their families. Read more here.

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