James Brown

Resignation of RSL NSW President

The Board of RSL NSW has thanked President James Brown for his service to the league after receiving his resignation on Wednesday 19 June. The Board resolved to accept Mr Brown’s resignation effective from 1 July 2019.

Senior Vice President and RSL NSW Board Member Ray James has been appointed by the Board as Acting President.

“It is with a heavy heart that the Board of RSL NSW accepts James’ resignation,” Acting President Ray James said today.

“James commenced his volunteer service in 2017 during the Bergin Inquiry and capably led RSL NSW through a period of unprecedented crisis. The Board recognises the sacrifices James and his young family have made during this time.

“During his two years as RSL NSW Board Member and President, the Board has been united under James’ presidency and has worked effectively together to restore the reputation of RSL NSW. Thankfully, the governance, systems and processes of the organisation have all been rebuilt under James’ leadership.

The Board has been advised by Mr Brown of his intention to apply for the role of CEO of RSL NSW. Should he apply, his application will be treated the same as all other applications.

Although it is open to the Board to fill the casual vacancy created by Mr Brown’s resignation, it hopes to call an election as early as possible next year once the overhaul of RSL NSW membership records and processes is complete to enable a “one member, one vote” election as required by the RSL NSW Act 2018.

Members will be given an update at the next RSL NSW State Congress to be held in Albury in October.

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