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RSL NSW President Update – 1 July 2019

Dear Members,

The board has received some questions from members about the process it will follow to recruit the new CEO of RSL NSW.

The board wants to assure all members that they take this recruitment very seriously, and will follow a thorough, independent and robust process that would be expected of any organisation of the size and complexity of RSL NSW.

The process is being led by a third party, independent recruitment firm, People For Purpose, who are experienced in recruiting CEOs for charities and not-for-profit organisations. The process will be as follows:

  • Any application for the CEO role will be sent by the applicant directly to the recruiters;
  • The recruiters will conduct an initial round of interviews and prepare a short list;
  • This short list will be sent to the nominations committee of the RSL NSW Board;
  • The nominations committee will then conduct a series of interviews with the short-listed candidates;
  • The nominations committee will make a recommendation to the whole board about who they recommend should be the successful candidate;
  • The board will discuss the recommendation and decide whether to appoint that candidate as CEO.

During this process, the candidates may also be asked to undergo a range of activities including psychometric testing, presentations to the board, and referee checks. All applicants will go through the same process, and will be treated equally.

The nominations committee will be chaired by Greg Makutu (former board member of RSL NSW), and will include ‘Service Member’ directors (Sandra Lambkin and John Hutcheson) and two independent board members (David Bell and Sophie Ray). No staff of ANZAC House or RSL NSW will be involved in the decision-making process other than to assist with organising meetings and interview times.

If, at the end of the process set out above, the board does not feel they have found a suitable candidate, they can choose to re-advertise the position.

We hope members will understand that a process such as this takes some time. The board hopes to have made a decision by the end of August or early September, but asks for your patience in the meantime. We also ask members who know people who might be suitable for the CEO role to encourage them to apply.

All questions for the board about the recruitment process should be sent to the Support Unit at, who will pass them to the company secretary, Nick Mowat.


Ray James

Acting President

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