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RSL NSW President Update: 7 December 2018

My sincere thanks to all delegates for a smooth and successful congress this week. It’s always a worthwhile experience to get so many diverse sub-Branches in a room together – it allows us all to share our best ideas and, critically at times like this, to break through the fog of rumour and see what members really think. And the vote was decisive. Through their delegates, members voted against the proposed new Constitution in its current form. The coming weeks will be a time for State Council and staff at ANZAC House to think hard on the feedback and make sure we draw the right lessons from the vote as we prepare to revise this draft. Many reasons were obvious – I had personally heard them across the state during our consultation sessions. Most commonly, members said they needed more time to consider what are complex legal and governance issues.

Despite having a good sense of your concerns about the haste of the constitutional review process, it was important to give you an opportunity to vote on this Constitution. For so long as we work with our old Constitution, fundraising and compliance will continue to be a challenge.

I’m confident that as a united league we will get this done in May. We are all in this together.

We will call soon for additional nominations to the Constitutional Consultation Panel for the next phase of drafting. All 30 nominations were accepted for the first phase, however, it is clear that there are more voices still wanting to be heard. I would ask that you speak with your sub-Branches and be prepared to send suggested drafting revisions for the proposed Constitution to State Council by mid-February.

We’ll keep talking to all members through this process, and I’m looking forward to hearing from even more of you next year.

Have a wonderful Christmas with friends and loved ones and thank you all for your invaluable service to the League.


James Brown

RSL NSW President

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