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27 Feb 2020

Some Welcome Sweet Rain Has Fallen

Some Welcome Sweet Rain Has Fallen - bushfire update - Photo credit: Jeffrey Lee

While coverage of the bushfire crisis has lessened in the mainstream media, work continues to support those affected by the fires.

We provide this support to veterans and their families through RSL DefenceCare. Throughout this emotional time, we’ve received some touching messages from the veterans we’ve assisted. Some of them have agreed to share their comments in order to encourage others to reach out for help.


The Personal Impact of Bushfire Assistance

“I’m fortunate that I have escaped depression but I think I was heading down that path. I can’t thank the RSL enough for the gift they have given me and I’m looking forward to ANZAC Day with a confidence that I will make it in one piece. Some welcome sweet rain has fallen with hope of more in the next few days – enough perhaps to put some in our empty dams.” – A veteran from the Western District.


“I would suggest that RSL DefenceCare is there for a reason, that being to help out people who are affected by natural disasters. If they are eligible it’s there to help them like I needed when I had my place burnt out, I simply could not financially afford to feed my livestock, but with RSL DefenceCare it put me in position where I could still operate on my property.” – Tim B


“The fires have placed immeasurable strains on all they have touched particularly in rural communities such as ours. Although my partner and I see ourselves as somewhat fortunate compared to many in our area as we managed to save our house, our losses were significant as we lost livestock, fencing and infrastructure not able to be covered by insurance. The assistance you have provided will go some way to replacing some of those items. Thank you!” – Graham Churchill


“I am extremely grateful for the assistance I have received, and strongly encourage any other veterans who have been affected by the bushfires to immediately contact RSL DefenceCare/RSL NSW for support.” – Jeffrey Lee


Keep Track of the Bushfire Assistance

This support for veterans, and the positive impact it has on individuals, is thanks to the generous support of RSL sub-Branches and individual donors.

To date, $483,766 has been contributed, with a total of $126,718 distributed to veterans and sub-Branches in affected areas. The balance of the funds will be used for ongoing disaster assistance.

You can keep track of the contributions to the Disaster Assistance Fund, and how the money is being spent, by viewing this document which will be updated regularly.

Members can find this, and other financial documents, on the Financial Transparency: Balance of Funds page in the Members’ Suite.

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