State Secretary Newsletter – 13 February 2019

Circulars to Recommence

The Board of RSL NSW has heard member feedback regarding the removal of Circulars. In response to this, Circulars will be reinstated starting from this month. Circulars will be mailed to all sub-Branches and uploaded to the secure zone of the RSL NSW website for future reference.


SVA survey – Feedback on the Draft Constitution

The SVA survey on the draft constitution is live. Please take this opportunity to discuss the questions amongst your sub-Branch and complete the survey by the end of February if possible. Online and hard copy versions have been sent to every sub-Branch. Please complete one or the other. If you require a link to the survey, please contact the sub-Branch & Member Support team on or 1300 679 775.


SBAs Available in the Secure Zone

Annual returns forms are now available through the secure zone of the RSL NSW website. Please download them to your desktop prior to completing.

Please note that no hardcopy versions are being mailed out unless specifically requested via the sub-Branch and Member Support team.


ANZAC Appeal Resources

Information and collateral for the 2019 ANZAC Appeal is now available via the secure zone of the RSL NSW website under the heading ‘ANZAC Appeal 2019 – Resources’. As more information becomes available it will be added to this section.


RSL & Schools Remember ANZAC

The RSL & Schools Remember ANZAC service will be held on Tuesday, 9 April at 11am at the Anzac Memorial in Hyde Park. Contact if you require more information.


Member Suggestions on Draft Constitution

Member’s who have provided permission will have their suggestions relating to the draft constitution published on the RSL NSW website under the constitution link in the secure zone. You can also access them HERE.


Jeff O’Brien

State Secretary

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