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State Secretary Newsletter – 14 August 2019

Dear Members,


Constitution Corner

As discussed in recent newsletters, this recurring section will address issues around the new draft constitution – I hope members find this information helpful. Please feel free to contact ANZAC House if you feel any part of the new draft needs more clarity.

At the Far North Coast District Council constitution workshop earlier this month I was asked whether the District Presidents’ Council (DPC) will be an extra layer of bureaucracy in the League. It will not. The DPC merely creates a formal meeting regime comprising the presidents of all 23 District Councils; it is not a new body with additional people. The DPC formalises the District Council forum process which has been the bedrock of member consultation in 2019. It is proposed that the board be required to meet twice a year with the DPC rather than convening meetings on an ad hoc basis.

To provide a layer of governance oversight by a body representative of sub-Branches, the DPC will have a number of additional powers and responsibilities. Most importantly, before an independent director is appointed by the board the DPC will have to approve the candidate, and with a vote of 66% of their number they can compel the board to call an extraordinary congress.

There is still opportunity for members to give thoughts on the new draft constitution. The consultation process so far has been very helpful, and I thank all members, sub-Branches and District Councils for their keen participation. Lee Cordner is President of Central Southern District Council and a member of the DC7 drafting sub-committee elected by his peers from across the state. He gave his thoughts on the process so far which you can watch by clicking here (a transcript is included for those members without reliable internet access). We have recently released several similar videos to let all members see the inner workings of the consultation sessions at ANZAC House.


Sub-Branch Clearances

We are in the process of clearing sub-Branches for congress – your sub-Branch may already have received its clearance certificate by email. This will be followed soon by the opening of registration for the 2019 Annual State Congress which is being held in Albury from 27-30 October. Please keep an eye out for further correspondence from ANZAC House.


Sub-Branch Tax File Numbers

A sub-Branch recently had withholding tax deducted from interest paid on a fixed term deposit, as their tax file number (TFN) was not recorded on their bank account. Each sub-Branch is a registered charity and therefore may be entitled to income tax exempt status.

A reminder then to all sub-Branch executives and trustees that your sub-Branch’s TFN should be recorded on all bank accounts to avoid the deduction of withholding tax from interest paid. If your sub-Branch has recently changed banks for any account, we recommend contacting the new bank to ensure your TFN is recorded on the account(s). Most sub-Branches will already have a TFN, however, if you do not know yours please contact the Australian Tax Office directly on 13 28 66 or by clicking here.


Board Appointees to RSL NSW Committees

At its meeting last Thursday, 8 August the board empanelled the following committees:

  • Finance & Investments Committee
  • Audit & Risk Committee
  • Governance Review Committee
  • Nominations & Performance Committee
  • Selections Committee
  • Veteran Services & Policy Committee
  • Congress Agenda Committee

A detailed list of appointees is available on the RSL NSW website (click here).

Thank you for reading,


Jeff O’Brien
State Secretary

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