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State Secretary Newsletter – 15 August 2018

Extraordinary Congress 2018 registration

For information and action by sub-Branch members and District Council Honorary Secretaries

Extraordinary Congress 2018 will be held at the Wesley Conference Centre in Pitt Street, Sydney on Tuesday 4 December 2018. This is a one-day event.

Online registration is now open. Registration will close on Thursday 4 October 2018.

Please note: Only financial service members and sub-Branches that have submitted their 2017 SBAs are eligible to register.

Registration will take place online via the RSL NSW website.

If a sub-Branch requires guidance to register online, please contact the sub-Branch & Member Support Unit on 1300 679 775.

For those unable to attend, Congress will be filmed and live-streamed, which means the meeting can be viewed remotely.

The delegate who attended Congress in Albury can act in this role unless the sub-Branch wants to change the delegate. The new delegate must have been nominated and elected at a sub-Branch or District Council meeting. Each sub-Branch and District Council is encouraged to also nominate an alternate delegate to attend the Extraordinary Congress.

All correspondence relating to the event will be sent via your official sub-Branch or District Council email address. Please use this address for registration.

When registering online, please follow the steps below:

  1. Fill in the sub-Branch or District Council details eg. Chatswood RSL sub-Branch or Far North Coast District Council.
  2. Fill in the sub-Branch or District Council delegate details, which includes the following fields: official sub-Branch or District Council email address, first name, surname, mobile number, dietary requirements, emergency contact name and emergency contact number.
  3. Fill in the alternate sub-Branch or District Council delegate details, which includes the following fields: first name, surname, mobile number, dietary requirements, emergency contact name and emergency contact number.
  4. Submit the form.
  5. Email confirmation will be delivered to confirm receipt and that delegate and alternate delegate has successfully registered.

Instructions on how to register can be found here and is attached below for your convenience.  Please read these instructions prior to registering.

Sub-branches – please register here.

District Councils – please register here.


Online sub-Branch map

For information and circulation to sub-Branch members

Many members may have already seen the new online sub-Branch map which was announced in last week’s President Update. The intention of this map is to show prospective members, especially younger veterans, where their nearest sub-Branch is to their home or work. It is designed to attract new members rather than to show where veterans’ services are available, which is a separate, longer term RSL NSW project. For these reasons, sub-Branches are shown on the map at their meeting places rather than office locations. Sub-Branches sharing a meeting place (including intra-murals) are shown side-by-side, with new members able to choose which fits them best.

Some sub-Branch details are incorrect and are currently being resolved.

If your sub-Branch details are incorrect, please send the correct details to the sub-Branch Support unit at using the following format:

  • Meeting address
    Accurate street address and/or club name (please use commas in addresses)
  • Address details
    If applicable please include building, level, or room details a new member would require
  • Meeting time
    e.g. 3rd Saturday of each month at 4.30pm (if quarterly, bi-monthly, etc., please specify which months)
  • Best phone contact
  • Office address only if separate to meeting address

We will endeavour to update the map with these corrections weekly.

Thank you for your patience while we update these details.


Search function on RSL NSW website

For information and circulation to sub-Branch members

A second search function has been added to a more prominent position on the home page of the RSL NSW website, located next to the Contact Us tab.

The original search function at the bottom of the page will remain, so that the mobile version still has this functionality.

Please note, this search function will only produce results for content in the public zone of the website and will not produce results for content sitting in the secure zone.


RSL DefenceCare Disaster Fund Assistance

For information and circulation to sub-Branch members

We’d like to remind sub-Branches in regional areas affected by drought that RSL DefenceCare can provide urgent financial assistance and counselling for Australian veterans and their immediate families living in NSW. These services are part of RSL DefenceCare’s welfare support.

We encourage sub-Branches in drought-stricken regions to share this information with veterans and their families who can benefit from this emergency assistance.

The online disaster assistance form can be found here.

Alternatively, the form can be downloaded here and emailed to

For further information, please call RSL DefenceCare on (02) 8088 0388 or email


RSL NSW reforms enter Parliament

For information and circulation to sub-Branch members

Legislation to reform RSL NSW is due to be introduced in NSW Parliament today.

The measures, announced in May 2018, will empower each individual member of RSL NSW to vote for a new board of directors as part of representative voting reforms.

It will replace the current procedure of 352 NSW sub-Branches each having one vote, to elect members of the governing body of the League in NSW, currently the State Council.

The amendments to the Returned and Services League of Australia (New South Wales Branch) Incorporation Act 1935 will:

  • Establish a board with a minimum of three and maximum of ten directors, including at least one independent director;
  • Introduce a representative voting system where each member has one vote to elect directors;
  • Ensure directors disclose any financial interests;
  • Enables remuneration of directors; and
  • Ensure RSL tables an annual report to the NSW Parliament.

These directed changes will require constitutional changes to be approved by RSL NSW members. Changes will take time to implement.

RSL NSW State Council supports these amendments and will keep you updated in subsequent State Secretary Newsletters on the outcome of these reforms.


Sub-Branch & Member Support Unit statistics

For information and circulation to sub-Branch members

The dedicated sub-Branch & Member Support Unit has been operational since April 2018 and we thought it timely to share the latest email, phone call and mail figures. The latest fortnightly figures are attached below and are correct as of 14th August 2018.

  • Incoming calls: 44 (44 completed)
  • Incoming emails: 171 (75 completed)
  • Incoming mail via post: 167 (44 completed)

Response times to inquiries can vary depending on complexity, and therefore, some requests may require a longer time frame.

Thank you for your support over the last few months during the transition period. We appreciate your patience.


Jeff O’Brien

State Secretary

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