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State Secretary Newsletter – 17 October 2018

2018 Constitutional Consultation Sessions

For information and circulation to sub-Branch members

RSL NSW President James Brown and team members from ANZAC House met with members in Sydney today.

More dates for metro sessions will be released after the Invictus Games.

You can follow the 2018 constitutional consultation sessions blog as the ANZAC House team travel around the state meeting with members by clicking HERE. This page will be updated regularly, as photos come in from the team as they travel from town to town.

Sub-Branches that wish to share these photos on their official RSL sub-Branch social media channels may also download images from a shared Dropbox folder. Please click HERE to access this folder. You may also use the following link to access this folder:



Extraordinary Congress 2018 registration

For information and action by sub-Branch members and District Council Honorary Secretaries

Registration for Extraordinary Congress 2018 will close on Friday 19 October 2018 at 4pm.

Please note: Only financial service members and sub-Branches that have submitted their 2017 SBAs are eligible to register. Registration will take place online via the RSL NSW website. Instructions on how to register can be found HERE. Please read these instructions prior to registering.

If your sub-Branch needs financial support for a delegate and alternate to attend, please submit a written request to the Support team marked to the attention of the State Secretary.

Requests for financial support will need to supply the following information:

  • Name of sub-Branch requesting funds
  • Estimated transport costs (car, plane, train, bus etc)
  • Whether overnight accommodation is needed as part of the travel
  • Estimated accommodation cost if required
  • How many people the request covers. Please note ANZAC House will consider costs for delegate and alternate only.


RSL NSW Fundraising for Remembrance Day 2018

For information and circulation to sub-Branch members

Information about how sub-Branches can participate in fundraising for the 2018 Poppy Appeal is available on the RSL NSW website HERE. An expression of interest form for sub-Branches and Auxiliaries interested in participating can be found HERE. Expressions of interest can be made now. This is housed in the secure zone of the website under the heading Poppy Appeal 2018 – Resources.

For RSL NSW sub-Branches and Auxiliaries choosing to participate in the Poppy Appeal, the NSW Office of Fair Trading has approved the following:

  • 100% of funds donated to them will go directly to RSL Welfare and Benevolent Institution (RSLWBI);
  • From those funds RSL WBI will pay an RSL NSW sub-Branch a fee equal to 33% of the funds they raise; and
  • 7% of funds raised, will be applied to costs and expenses

All monies raised will need to be first paid directly into the nominated RSL WBI bank account and then RSL WBI will pay the fee and expense reimbursement to RSL NSW for payment to the sub-Branches and Auxiliaries that participated in the Appeal.

Sub-Branches and Auxiliaries participating in the 2018 Poppy Appeal can only use tokens that are issued by RSL WBI. Tokens or merchandise purchased from any other source such as the military shop cannot be sold or given out as part of the Appeal.

Please note this is a one-off fundraising event for the 2018 Poppy Appeal. RSL NSW sub-Branches are still unable to fundraise outside of this event.


RSL DefenceCare

For information and circulation to sub-Branch members

RSL DefenceCare is now able to accept donations from sub-Branches, Auxiliaries, individuals and other organisations. Donations can be accepted via the website HERE or as follows:

  • By direct deposit to: RSL WBI Fundraising Account – BSB: 062 124, Account number: 11226906. Please send an email to with the donation amount and contact details (name, email and telephone number) of the donor; or
  • By sending a cheque made out to RSL WBI Fundraising Account mailed to ANZAC House, Level 5, 341 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000.


Sub-Branch Communication

For information and action

Email is an important way for ANZAC House to release information to sub-Branches. It enables timely and cost-effective communication.

ANZAC House acknowledges that the volume of information communicated throughout 2018 has at times been overwhelming. We are sending a lot of information on a weekly basis to sub-Branches. This is unlikely to change because of the ongoing repair work to the organisation. The repair necessitates a steady stream of important information requiring both sub-Branch attention and action.

ANZAC House recognises that some of our sub-Branches do not operate in the digital realm and are therefore missing critical information.

To resolve this, ANZAC House will send a weekly mailout to those sub-Branches who are not able to access the internet and therefore unable to connect to the RSL NSW website or receive email.

Bulk mail is both expensive and time consuming to execute. We request that only sub-Branches who truly need this service accept it.

As an example, to mail out the weekly State Secretary newsletter to sub-Branches would cost $850 and take 8 hours of preparation. Over the course of the year mailing just this newsletter equals 416 hours of work and $44,200.  Minimising expenditure on postage allows more money to be directed to RSL NSW’s charitable purpose. With $44,200 a Claims Advisor could help an additional 254 veterans. It could fund the purchase of 5 hearing aids that work. This money could provide 40 struggling defence families with groceries for a month. In the last 12 months ANZAC House has spent over $80,000 on postage.

ANZAC House will continue to mail out critical documents to all sub-Branches throughout the year.


Jeff O’Brien

State Secretary

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