Feedback on the Draft Constitution

State Secretary Newsletter – 18 July 2019

Dear Members,


District Council Forum

Representatives from all 23 District Councils attended a forum at ANZAC House on Tuesday this week to deliver the draft constitution feedback they have been collecting from members. It was greatly beneficial to hear this feedback in person and for representatives to have the chance to ask hard questions about the direction of the League. We made commitments to amend the draft constitution based on the feedback they delivered, and to consult members on the strategic plan that is also being prepared for RSL NSW. The day included an address from the newly appointed president of RSL National, Greg Melick.

Attendees also discussed the thinking behind the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), which are being drafted to replace the current By-Laws and Regulations. The SOPs will be a practical guide to running a sub-Branch, avoiding restrictive and rigid prescriptions. Instead, they will give newcomers an approachable set of guidelines while allowing flexibility to accommodate the different ways our sub-Branches operate.

Six of the seven members of the DC7 sub-committee elected by their peers in April were present and had an opportunity to update the full group on their involvement in the constitution drafting process to date. They will continue work on the re-drafting process over the next six weeks, including directly drafting several key SOPs.

Several representatives from across the state gave video interviews on the consultation process, which will be available tomorrow on our website and Facebook page (click here). You should expect an update on the meeting at your next District Council meeting (for contact details, please click here). The next full forum of District Councils will be held at ANZAC House in early September.


Constitution Feedback Online

We received a torrent of written feedback from District Councils as well as some individual sub-Branches and members in the last week. It will take us a few days to upload this to the website in a manageable format but please keep an eye on the constitution page as it is progressively updated (click here).


No Regular Member Listing in July

Sub-Branch Honorary Secretaries should be aware that they will not be receiving a member listing this month (as they usually would in July). As you will recall, a member listing was already issued in May 2019 and Honorary Secretaries were asked to help ensure accuracy for use in voting records for the transition to ‘one member one vote’ for future congressional elections.

We are currently making efforts to streamline the membership renewal process to alleviate the need for such cumbersome work. Please stay tuned.


Jeff O’Brien

State Secretary

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