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State Secretary Newsletter – 19 April 2018

Dear Honorary Secretary,


Sub-Branch & Member Support Unit is Operational

The dedicated sub-Branch and member resource has been in operation for over a week. In the first 6 days, the team has received over 419 requests consisting of 250 emails, 72 phones calls, 85 pieces of mail and 12 people visiting in person. This is a high volume of member requests and with an average of 69 requests coming in each day, the team is busy fielding the initial request as well as assessing what is required and working to provide a response.

The team is endeavouring to acknowledge receipt of each query within 3 working days. Because of the high volume of calls, it is likely to take longer than three days for the team to provide an answer. Some responses will be quick and easy, others involve greater complexity and require a longer time frame.

We will shortly be adding additional resources to the unit and it may take us time to work out the correct number of people to handle the volume of enquiries.

A reminder this unit is the first port of call and single contact point for all RSL NSW member and sub-Branch feedback and enquiries. The unit will assess what is required, coordinate specialist internal advice and information, and provide answers back to members, each with a differing timeframe depending on complexity and what is involved (please note RSL DefenceCare calls should continue to go directly to RSL DefenceCare on 02 8088 0388).

The support unit can be contacted by both email and phone:

  • Email – The new email address is Existing email addresses will continue to work and be diverted to the support unit for response. The unit will assess what is involved with each email and make sure that they acknowledge receipt within 3 working days.
  • Phone – The new direct line which bypasses the switchboard is available for enquiries from 8.30am – 4.30pm. The direct access number is 1300 679 775.

If members want to provide feedback to help further refine this new service, please contact the State Secretary by email –


Whistleblower Line

This service was set up in 2017 and is managed by STOPline. To date 32 different matters have been reported. 13 matters have been assessed, investigated and resolved. The remaining 19 have all been assessed and now await independent investigation.

Complaints have also been received by RSL NSW from other sources. All are being logged and managed in the same manner.

Due to the complexity and seriousness of some of the complaints received to date, RSL NSW is in the process of engaging an independent service to investigate the more complex complaints. It is important that the right specialist skills and resources are involved to investigate and resolve the remaining incidents.

The independent service will hopefully provide members with a high level of confidence and the necessary confidentiality required to resolve these remaining matters.

Some members have expressed concerns that their complaints have not been dealt with yet. I want to assure members that all complaints have been logged, will be investigated and responded to. We appreciate your patience while we deal with matters of great complexity and seriousness.


Correction to Financial Statement for 2016

The financial statements for 2016 and 2017 were placed on the website on 29 March.

On page 24 of the 2016 Financial Statements it is reported that Rod White stood aside. This is not correct, Rod White resigned. The sentence should read Roderick White, President resigned 6 June 2016 to assume the role of RSL National President.


Sub-Branch Support Fund Payments

Payments to sub-Branches started last Friday.

Many sub-Branches asked to contribute have requested extensions on their payment dates and these have been granted. State Branch will distribute money as quickly as it can. If a sub-Branch is in dire need and is scheduled to receive money, please let the sub-Branch & Member Support team know by contacting them on either or 1300 679 775.



Please send in photos and stories about what is happening in the lead up to and on ANZAC Day. These will be shared on social media, used on the website and in Reveille. Send your ANZAC Day photos and stories and other sub-Branch news to


Congress 2018

If members have questions they would like to ask the Treasurer about the Financial Statements ahead of Congress 2018 please send these to the sub-Branch & Member Support team in writing at or 1300 679 775.

The Congress Agenda and Financial Statements for 2016 & 2017 are on the RSL NSW website.

RSL NSW will be providing catering and transport for Congress, please fill in the registration form on the RSL NSW website.


Revocation of Charitable Fundraising Authority

Following the recent State Branch directive to sub-Branches to surrender individual charitable fundraising authorities, State Branch is in the process of lodging, in consultation with NSW Fair Trading, the relevant documentation to have all sub-Branches specifically named and included under the RSL NSW charitable fundraising authority. Once the suspension on fundraising is lifted and fundraising recommences, all sub-Branches will conduct future fundraising appeals under the RSL NSW authority. If you have not yet surrendered your fundraising authority to NSW Fair Trading please ensure you do so now.


Jeff O’Brien

State Secretary

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