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State Secretary Newsletter – 22 May 2019

Dear Members,


Service Member Listings

Thank you to those sub-Branches that have returned the Service Member Listing distributed recently. For those that have yet to return the list, this is a reminder that it is important all fields be completed and, in particular, that initials be replaced with full given names. This is to ensure accuracy in Service Members details for use in voting records after the transition to one member-one vote for future congressional elections.

If changes are required, please edit the spreadsheet that was sent to the official sub-Branch email address, save your changes, and reattach it in a return email sent to Please make these changes yourself and do not simply advise of the necessary changes by email. If no changes are required, we ask that you still return the spreadsheet as confirmation it has checked and completed.

Please return the Service Member Listing by 10 June 2019.

Honorary Secretaries and all members should be aware that there will be an opportunity in the future to update finer details (such as post nominals) which are not necessary at this point for confirming basic identities.


Sub-Branch Financial Reporting

SBA’s and sub-Branch budgets are the tools that enable us to assess financial need within the League. As such, those sub-Branches seeking financial assistance through the Support & Assistance Fund need to have submitted their 2019 budget and SBA for their claim to be assessed.

If your sub-Branch has not yet submitted these documents, please continue working towards lodgement and contact the Support Unit at or on 1300 679 775 to clarify the timeframe for your submission.


Official Email Usage

Earlier this month, a member used the official RSL NSW email network to circulate a personal grievance about operations at the Anzac Memorial, in contravention of the Sub-Branch Email Terms of Use protocol (available on our website here). The email was raised at the recent North Coast District Council meeting, where it was clear that its content and tone have caused anxiety in parts of the League.

As Custodian of the Anzac Memorial I meet regularly with the Honorary Secretary to the Trustees, the Senior Operations Coordinator, and the Senior Historian & Curator to ensure the League has input into programs at the Memorial. The President of RSL NSW has further oversight in his role as a Trustee of the Memorial. I can assure all members that the traditions of the Memorial are being observed and respected by the staff – 80% of whom are either veterans themselves or have a direct link to a veteran in their family.

The RSL NSW email network is not a forum to make complaints or air grievances. This behaviour unproductively consumes the time and energy of members across the League and should not continue.


ANZAC House Members’ Lounge

At the North Coast District Council meeting I was also asked to remind you about the ANZAC House Members’ Lounge – a small area for members with tea, coffee and a library of books. As always, you are very welcome to make use of the space while you are in the city. If time allows we will be happy to show you around ANZAC House while you’re here. Unfortunately, and despite high expectations from some members, it is not a licenced lounge.


Online Members’ Suite

You may also have noticed the new section on the RSL NSW website – the Members’ Suite. Most of the information and resources formerly contained within the Secure Zone are now freely accessible behind this tile. While a small amount of content will remain within a much-reduced secure zone, the removal of password protection for most content will allow all members to engage with the League more readily.


Jeff O’Brien

State Secretary

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