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State Secretary Newsletter – 25 July 2019

Dear Members,


New RSL NSW Website

Our updated website will be launching next week. The new site will make finding information and resources much easier, with existing content consolidated in places that make sense. It will also present a more accurate representation of the work the League does across the state at all levels. Beyond the sometimes confusing layout of our current website (which the battlers among us have learnt by rote), the system on which it’s built is out of date and being phased out by the provider, which has prompted this transition.

The new site will be more intuitive to navigate, but we’ve also attempted to include helpful cues to make it easier find your way around, such as keeping many images consistent between the old and new websites. You can preview the changes by clicking here (please note this preview isn’t the final product and things may change by next week).

We’ll continue to make minor changes to the website during its first weeks and months as we learn the ways members and the public are using it. Once things have settled, we’ll be seeking members’ feedback through a survey in a future newsletter. If you have any questions or suggestions in the meantime, please contact the Support Unit at or 1300 679 775.


Constitution Feedback

We are continuing to upload feedback on the draft constitution to our website, albeit with some delay due to the significant amount we have received. Please keep watching the Constitution 2019 webpage – including on the new website when it launches.


Sub-Branch Visits

Directors have begun visiting sub-Branches and District Councils that requested visits through the survey issued to all sub-Branches at the beginning of the year. This will be an opportunity for them to hear feedback on the draft constitution in person and answer members’ questions directly. If your sub-Branch has not already requested a visit but would like one, please contact the Support Unit at and we will do our best to reach you.


ANZAC House Help Desk

ANZAC House is introducing a new internal system for managing requests from members and sub-Branches. This will allow the Support Unit to keep an eye on the progress being made on your requests after they pass it on to the appropriate department, and so avoid jobs disappearing into the ether. When contacting the Support Unit by email, the follow-up acknowledgement you receive once your request has been logged may look slightly different under this system.

You can help us make the system more efficient by sending requests only to the Support Unit. I understand that, from the outside, going through a ‘back door’ looks like a good way to jump the queue. But when you cc other staff members on your email it creates extra work that delays the outcome. I appreciate your help in making this system work best for all members.


Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

We have been made aware of a discount now available on tickets to the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo in Sydney. Certain categories of tickets to the tattoo, which runs from 17-19 October 2019, have been discounted for veterans and current-serving defence personnel. While supplies last, these tickets can be purchased online by clicking here (the discount rate is applied automatically when using this link). Please note that this is not an RSL NSW event and any enquiries should be made to Ticketek.


ATDP Newsletter

Members volunteering as welfare or pension officers may be interested in signing up for the Advocacy Training and Development Program newsletter. It reports on news and statistics around the training program and endeavours to answer frequently asked questions about advocacy in a changing environment. It is not, however, an RSL NSW publication, and members should exercise their own judgement as always.

Those interested should contact and specifically mention they would like to be subscribed to the ‘newsletter’.

Thank you for reading. A PDF version of this newsletter is available here.


Jeff O’Brien
State Secretary

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