State Secretary Newsletter – 29 August 2019

Dear Members,

In light of the significant volume of constitution-related correspondence members will receive in the near future, this newsletter will be brief and there will be no newsletter next week.

The final version of the new constitution will be released tomorrow, allowing most sub-Branches time for two meetings before congress. Given the importance of this congress, sub-Branches may wish to consider calling an extraordinary meeting in September or October to supplement their regular meeting schedule and enable thorough discussion of the constitution and supporting documents.

All sub-Branches and District Councils can expect the following communications about the constitution and related documents in coming days and weeks.

  • The final version of the new constitution uploaded to the RSL NSW website tomorrow (30 August) and sent to all sub-Branches and District Councils by both post and email. For those sub-Branches without access to email, paper copies of all August correspondence to members will be included in this mailout;
  • The Notice of Meeting and congress agenda uploaded to the website and sent by email and post in mid-September;
  • The Annual Report and financial statements on website and sent via email in late September; and
  • Final versions of the standard operating procedures (SOPs) on website and sent via email in late September.

You can also expect a President Update in the next week or two, and delivery of the September issue of Reveille will begin from 17 September. Reveille will contain a good overview of the changes in this version of the constitution, and I met with the editors for this issue to provide deeper answers to questions on these changes.

Finally, there will be a third District Council forum at ANZAC House on 3 September, where your representatives will be briefed on the new constitution, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and the journey from here to congress in October (27-30 October).

Thank you for reading,


Jeff O’Brien
State Secretary

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