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State Secretary Newsletter – 29 June 2018

2018 Membership Fee correction

For information and circulation to sub-Branch members

The previous State Secretary newsletter, number 9/18 dated 15 June 2018, stated that 28,000 members will receive a $5 refund via their sub-Branch. This wording was incorrect. Thank you to the members who raised this with us. We apologise for the confusion.

To clarify, the Standing Motion at Congress read “Annual subscription fees for 2018 be $35 and retention to the sub-Branch be increased from $8 to $13”.

The $5 will be refunded to sub-Branches, not members. State Branch is working on a process and timeline to refund this money to sub-Branches.

Refund information for sub-Branches will be advised in due course.

This also impacts upcoming 2018 membership renewals and any new member applications. Sub-Branches are required to pay RSL NSW State Branch $22 per member for upcoming payments (keeping $13 for sub-Branch use).


RSL NSW Revised Constitution

For information and circulation to sub-Branch members

At the recent State Congress in Albury, delegates voted on amendments to the Constitution. The revised Constitution is now available on the website here.

The 2018 Constitutional amendments either rectify problems or allow better administration of RSL NSW in the months before the new constitution is presented.


Sub-Branch Support Fund calculation

For information and circulation to sub-Branch members.

State Branch has been asked to provide greater clarification on how sub-Branch contributions to the support fund were calculated. Thank you for raising the need for greater explanation. This has now been prepared and is available via these links:

  • Sub-Branch Support Fund calculation formula
  • Sub-Branch Support Fund FAQ’s


Website secure zone access

For information and circulation to sub-Branch members

The support team has taken calls from sub-Branch members seeking access to the secure zone. Each sub-Branch should have their own sub-Branch logon access to the website. These are individualised to the sub-Branch, not people. Sub-Branches are welcome to share their login information with their members to help them source information directly and may relieve some of the administrative burden from Honorary Secretaries. Sharing login details is at the discretion of sub-Branch executive team. If your sub-Branch has not been set up with access, please contact the support team on to do so.


Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 legislative changes

For information

Sub-Branches have reported receiving correspondence from their local MP referring to legislative changes.

This does not impact RSL NSW. The legislative changes referred to in the letter are to the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 (the Electoral Act) and not the ACNC Act. The changes relate to reporting and accountability obligations of those charities registered under the Electoral Act. RSL NSW and sub-Branches are not registered under this Act.

Charities registered under the Electoral Act engage in public advocacy on matters of public policy, and as such incur ‘political expenditure’. As RSL NSW is a non-political, non-sectarian organisation it does not engage in such activities.

ACNC legislation information is available on the RSL NSW website in  the 17 May President Update and the ACNC presentation from Congress.


Invictus Games

For information and circulation to sub-Branches

RSL NSW sub-Branches and members have raised $181,274.56 so far for the Invictus Games. Thank you to all the sub-Branches who have got behind this incredible veteran event with fundraising and donations. Not all sub-Branches are able to contribute financially because of the fundraising suspension. This means we need to find different ways for sub-Branches to get involved and we are working on this and will share these in coming weeks. Meanwhile if sub-Branches or members want to donate to Invictus the details are as follows:

Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Account name: Australian International Military Games Anzac Donations Account

BSB: 062900

Account number: 11064171

Description for transactions should include the name of the sub-Branch/Auxiliary donating.


Commemoration – Nominations open for 75th anniversary of Hellfire Pass

For information and circulation to sub-Branch members

Nominations are now open for eligible Australian veterans to attend the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of Australian work on Hellfire Pass and the completion of the Thai-Burma Railway. The service will be held at 11am at the Ex-Prisoners of War Memorial, in Ballarat, Victoria on Tuesday, 16 October 2018. Nominations close at 5pm on 3 August 2018.

DVA will support the attendance of successful nominees, each accompanied by a nominated carer.

To learn more or access the nomination form, contact 02 6120 8078 or visit the event page on the DVA website.


RSL NSW sub-Branch email addresses

For information and circulation to sub-Branch members

Thank you to sub-Branches who have activated their sub-Branch email address. From 1 June all correspondence from State Branch has been directed to this email address exclusively.

Members and sub-Branches are still able to retain and use existing email addresses however official communication from State Branch to sub-Branches will be via the RSL NSW provided email address. Where possible it is recommended that your communication to State Branch also come from this email address. This allows your email to be easily identified and handled by the support team.

If you would like help with setting up your RSL NSW email, please contact the support team. They will schedule a time with a specialist to guide you through this process. Please contact the support team on

1300 679 775.


Jeff O’Brien

State Secretary

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