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State Secretary Newsletter – 3 May 2018

Dear Honorary Secretary,


Important Congress Information

Clearance for Congress

Thank you for your patience while we process your SBAs. State Branch will provide clearance by email this week. State Council have agreed to grant conditional clearance based on:

  • Submission of the sub-Branch’s 2017 SBA, and
  • Payment of outstanding capitation fees.

This will be delivered to each sub-Branch’s official RSL NSW email address. If you haven’t activated this email account, please do so as soon as possible.

Financial Statements

If members have questions they would like to ask the Treasurer about the Financial Statements ahead of Congress 2018, please send these to the Sub-Branch & Member Support Team in writing at or 1300 679 775 by Friday 11 May.

The Congress Agenda and Financial Statements for 2016 & 2017 are on the RSL NSW website.

Delegate Voting

Congress will include sessions of respectful debate for delegates. During these and other information sessions, delegates will likely hear additional information and will be able to take this into consideration before voting.

This year will see the introduction of electronic voting using a handheld voting device. Electronic voting means that voting results will be instant, the need for tellers is eliminated and means delegates will not have to sign on for every session.

The voting device is simple to operate. Clear instruction will be available, in person and via a cheat sheet, to ensure all delegates are proficient with the operation of the device.

Delegate Packs

These will be available from the registration desk located in the Commercial Club from Sunday 1400 – 1600 or at the main venue thereafter. The delegate pack will include the full three-day itinerary as well as the delegate lanyard.

Congress attendees will be required to wear a lanyard. There will be different coloured lanyards for delegates, alternate delegates and observers. Seating throughout Congress will be prioritised based on this and instructions will be given ahead of the sessions.

Most of Congress will be held in the convention centre, not the auditorium.


Most Congress events are smart casual where RSL polo/business shirts and blazers are appropriate. The wreath laying will be at sunset on Monday evening and delegates will need warm clothing for this event. Medals are appropriate for the wreath laying and the Tuesday morning session.


RSL NSW will be providing catering and transport for Congress, please fill in the pre-registration form on the RSL NSW website. This will need to be completed and returned to ANZAC House before 11 May.

RSL NSW must provide names and numbers to enable security clearance and catering for lunch at Bandiana Army Museum on Monday. Information will be used from the pre-registration form to organise this. If members aren’t registered by 11 May, they will be unable to attend this event.


There is no organised formal dinner, instead, RSL NSW will provide lunch on Monday and Tuesday. There will also be food and drinks available throughout the day.

If you have any questions, please contact the Sub-Branch & Member Support Team on or 1300 679 775.


RSL NSW sub-Branch email addresses

Thank you to sub-Branches who have activated their sub-Branch email address. Most of these have been activated. There are still some sub-Branches that haven’t done this.

From 1 June all correspondence from State Branch will be directed to this email address exclusively. We will discontinue using other email addresses on 1 June 2018. This makes it critical for sub-Branches to activate their accounts to receive all State Branch communication.

Members and sub-Branches are still able to retain and use existing email addresses however official communication from State Branch to sub-Branches will be via the RSL NSW provided email address from 1 June.


Jeff O’Brien

State Secretary

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