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State Secretary Newsletter – 30 January 2019

SVA Survey

Over the next few days all sub-Branches and District Councils will receive a survey by both email and letter put together by Social Ventures Australia (SVA). This survey is an opportunity for sub-Branches to provide feedback on proposed changes to the constitution. Individual members will also be sent an email to complete the survey if they wish. I would encourage members to discuss the content of the survey at their next sub-Branch general meeting. Results of the survey will be collated by SVA and a final report will be delivered to the Board of RSL NSW.


Fundraising by RSL NSW

There has been some confusion about whether RSL NSW and its sub-Branches can fundraise.

RSL NSW and its sub-Branches cannot yet guarantee full compliance with NSW charitable fundraising legislation and cannot meet the conditions of its fundraising authority. We are working towards compliance, but it will take time for our systems and processes to be fully compliant.

The 2017 sub-Branch fundraising survey indicated that up to 60% of sub-Branches are likely to be non-compliant with fundraising legislation. The main areas of non-compliance are the way the financial accounts are being kept and the failure to spend fundraising monies (including donations) on the charitable purpose. ANZAC House is currently analysing the results of the survey and recent SBAs to understand each sub-Branch’s situation.

As a result, sub-Branches and RSL NSW cannot fundraise for themselves. They can, however, raise money as volunteers for RSL Welfare and Benevolent Institution (RSL DefenceCare and Veteran Sport Australia).

This is because RSL WBI is fully compliant and can run appeals and accept donations.

The 2019 ANZAC Appeal will go ahead, with 100% of funds donated going to RSL WBI for RSL DefenceCare and Veteran Sport Australia. Participating sub-Branches will receive a 40% payment, of the gross funds donated. This comprises:

  • 33% to sub-Branches for their fundraising efforts; and
  • 7% is to cover sub-Branch costs and expenses.

ANZAC Appeal information, order forms, catalogue and additional requirements will be issued shortly. This information will also be in the sub-Branch secure zone on the RSL NSW website, under the heading ‘ANZAC Appeal 2019 – Resources’.


ANZAC Day 2019 Information

Information for ANZAC Day this year is now available on the RSL NSW website –

Over the coming weeks more information will be added to this page to provide updates for the ANZAC Day March in the Sydney CBD and for information regarding ANZAC Day services across the state.


Jeff O’Brien

State Secretary

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