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State Secretary Newsletter – 30 May 2018

Congress 2018

For information and circulation to sub-Branch members

ANZAC House will begin loading Congress presentation documents and photographs onto the website. These will be housed in the secure zone under the heading Congress 2018 or via this link.

The following will be available from 1 June:

  • A selection of photographs
  • State Treasurer’s presentation from Monday 21 May
  • SVA’s strategic workshop presentation slides and voting results from Tuesday 22 May
  • AGM motions and voting results Wednesday 23 May

ANZAC House will continue to load more presentation documents, photos and videos from Congress.

The following are underway:

  • The post production of the video taken at Day 1 and 2 of Congress is being worked on. It is anticipated the first batch of videos will be loaded onto the website at the end of next week – 8 June 2018. This includes Brendan Nelson’s speech.
  • Photographs will continue to be loaded and completed by 8 June 2018.

ANZAC House will continue to source speaker presentations and speaker approval to share more material with members. These will be loaded onto the website when available.


RSL NSW sub-Branch email addresses

To be actioned immediately

Last year RSL NSW provided each sub-Branch with an email address. Most of these have been activated. There are still some sub-Branches that haven’t done this.

From June 1 all correspondence from State Branch will be directed to this email address exclusively. We will discontinue using other email addresses on 1 June 2018. This makes it critical for sub-Branches to activate their accounts to receive all State Branch communication.

Members and sub-Branches are still able to retain and use existing email addresses however official communication from State Branch to sub-Branches will be via the RSL NSW provided email address from 1 June.

If you would like help with setting up your RSL NSW email, please contact the support team. They will schedule a time with a specialist to guide you through this process. Please contact the support team on 1300 679 775.


Jeff O’Brien

State Secretary

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