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State Secretary Newsletter – 4 July 2019

Dear Members,


Draft Constitution Feedback

Representatives from all 23 District Councils have been invited to attend a second forum at ANZAC House on 16 July, the day after the feedback period for the first draft constitution closes. Sub-Branches should ensure they submit all feedback on the draft to their District Council before this date – contact details are available on the RSL NSW website (click here).

The forum will discuss all feedback on the draft from sub-Branches and members, and how the final constitution might be adjusted. Representatives will also consider a proposed strategic plan for RSL NSW. After the forum, ANZAC House staff will take time to respond to the feedback and questions received. We will publish these responses on our website for all members to see.


Transition Table

A transition table outlining where each section of the current constitution is correspondingly dealt with in the new draft will be available on the RSL NSW website’s ‘Constitution 2019’ page by end of this week (you can access that page here). We hope that this table will help anyone grappling with the new constitution to more quickly find their way.

The Constitution 2019 webpage already contains the draft constitution itself and a set of answers to frequently asked questions about the new document. As well as the transition table, member feedback will eventually be posted alongside these resources.


Sub-Branch Governance Training

All invitations to governance training for sub-Branch executives and trustees have now been issued to official sub-Branch email addresses. Dates and locations for all scheduled sessions across the state have been posted on the website (click here). Sydney sessions have now wrapped up and the training team has spent this week on the far north coast. They will spread out across the rest of the state over the next two months.

Please RSVP to or call the Support Unit on 1300 679 775, including if your sub-Branch has not yet received its invitation, or if any executive office holder or trustee needs to attend an different session to the one they were assigned.


Refreshing Our Website

Members should be aware that we are working on a new RSL NSW website that will be much easier to navigate to find the information you need. Most of us have learnt by rote where to find key resources in the online labyrinth we currently rely on. Unfortunately, all others may be better served by leaving a trail of breadcrumbs as they traverse errant paths of confusingly titled links. This is no way for the League to be presented to newcomers online.

We are already hard at work on a new website, guided by input we have received from members over the past two years. If you have your own recommendations, please send them in.


Presidential Transition

Members will have seen the updates from the board last week concerning the President’s resignation. Please be assured that business is continuing as usual. All correspondence and matters for the office of the President will for now be handled by the Acting President, Ray James.


Jeff O’Brien

State Secretary

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