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Young Veterans Committee members share their goals for younger veterans in 2023

Six members of the RSL NSW Young Veterans Committee explain what they’re proudest of achieving, and their goals for 2023.

At a glance:

  • The Young Veterans Committee works with fellow veterans and RSL NSW leadership to advance the priorities of younger veterans.
  • There are nine current members, representing a cross-section of RSL NSW sub-Branches and Defence experience.
  • Six members of the committee have shared touchpoints of pride and achievement from the past 12 months, and their aspirations for the future of young veterans’ services.

The Young Veterans Committee (YVC) was formed in late 2021 to directly advise the RSL NSW Board about matters impacting young veterans.

Members of the YVC are young veterans and serving members from across the state, representing all three arms of the ADF, as well as volunteer secretary Amanda Curby, whose partner is a serving Defence member. They work with RSL NSW leadership to advance the priorities of young veterans across policies and activities at both a State Branch and a sub–Branch level.

To do this, YVC members engage with young veterans who aren’t currently members of RSL NSW to identify their perceived shortfalls in support for younger veterans, and seek ways to provide the support they need and encourage them to join the RSL NSW community.

The YVC then advises the RSL NSW Board and leadership on how the RSL NSW strategic direction can be improved to engage and support younger veterans more effectively. This reflects the commitment to expanding RSL NSW membership as outlined in the RSL NSW Strategic Plan 2021-2026.

Current members of the YVC include:

  • Bronte Pollard (Chair)
  • Amanda Curby (Secretary)
  • Berdene Oxley-Boyd
  • Colin Pickstone
  • John Hopwood
  • Kane Hall
  • Russell Maddalena
  • Sarah Watson
  • Steve Rana

Six members have shared what they’re proudest of achieving as part of the committee in 2022, and where they plan to achieve as part of the YVC in 2023.

Click each member’s card below to read their response.


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