Your Guide to the New RSL NSW Website

Welcome to the new RSL NSW website. Many people will have been accustomed to the old RSL NSW website and learned by rote where to find certain information.

In reality, the website was far from perfect. We heard that through feedback from our members.

This new and redesigned RSL NSW website puts access to information and ease of use at its core. We think we’ve achieved that, as well as other improvements:

  • We wanted to make the site as easy to use and as logical as possible.
  • The old platform was no longer supported and needed to be replaced.
  • Improved clarity of information, including clearer headings, links and fonts.
  • Fewer broken links and “dead ends” when looking for information.
  • A better experience when using mobile phones to browse the website.
  • Better search features, across the site, and specifically for sub-Branch information.

Here’s a short guide to finding information around the site.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact who will direct your enquiry appropriately. Or you can fill in the new website enquiry form.

You can watch this video for a visual guide around the new website or scroll down to learn more about each site area.

Home Page

The redesigned home page will include topical information and will change based on current events. For example, right now you can easily access this guide, as well as information on the draft constitution.

As we approach Remembrance Day, you’ll start to see more information about commemoration events and the Poppy Appeal.

Members will always be able to access the Members’ Suite from the home page. This can also be found in the Get Involved menu at the top of the page.


Find Help

It’s important to provide access to the services that are available to veterans.

That’s why you’ll now find information on some of the services that RSL DefenceCare and Veteran Sport Australia provide to veterans and their families. We hope that this can help people find the assistance they need.

Many of these changes are in response to member feedback about providing easier links to the RSL DefenceCare website and ensuring that RSL NSW caters to younger veterans.


Get Involved

This is where you’ll find membership information, including the Members’ Suite. Information that members once found in the Secure Zone is now located in the Members’ Suite.

Members will be able to find a lot of the same information they used to be able to access but we’ve reorganised it slightly to make it more logical. From here you’ll be able find information that includes:

  • Awards and certificate application forms
  • Board directives
  • Circulars
  • Sub-Branch budget forms
  • Information on the Constitution and Congress
  • Community Noticeboard
  • Members’ benefits
  • Information on commemorations, ceremonies and taking part in appeals
  • Guide documents for sub-Branches,
  • and much more.

From the Get Involved menu, we also welcome people to become a member for the first time.



Information on ANZAC Day, Remembrance Day and Australia’s military heritage provide some of the most popular pages on the RSL NSW website.

We’ve not only retained these but improved them. We’ve made them easier to read for a wider audience so children can learn about the sacrifices of the past and why we commemorate these events.

Here you’ll also find information on upcoming commemoration events with our Commemoration Events Calendar. In the lead up to Remembrance Day and ANZAC Day you’ll find more information on services and marches.



This is now the one-stop-shop for all RSL NSW news. You’ll find President Updates, State Secretary Newsletters and more information on what RSL NSW and members are doing in the community. If you have a story, feel free to share it with us via the Contact Us page.


About Us

It’s vital that RSL NSW clearly communicates what it stands for and how it is governed.

That’s why we’ve made some changes to this section of the website. Here you’ll find information on the administration and governance of RSL NSW, as well as annual reports. You’ll also be able to access the constitution and by-laws.


Contact Us

This is a simple page allowing anyone to contact RSL NSW state branch.


Final Words

These changes couldn’t have been made without the feedback from members.

While the initial feedback was gathered some time ago, the themes of clarity and ease of use have been raised by members regularly. We believe we have addressed these points with the new website.

We also heard that many members wanted a dedicated area on the RSL NSW website for individual sub-Branches and that these should have a consistent “look and feel”. This is something we are looking to incorporate in the coming months. We are developing a template to assist sub-Branches with providing relevant information for inclusion on the website.

We hope to gain further feedback from members on the new website, so please look out for a survey in the coming weeks. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact with any questions, feedback or suggestions.

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