At the 2019 RSL NSW Annual State Congress, on 29 October, delegates from sub-Branches across the state approved a new constitution. This constitution was drafted based on significant input from members, sub-Branches, and District Councils. This constitution is in effect from 1 December 2019.

In the lead-up to the commencement date, the RSL NSW Board worked closely with an interim District Presidents’ Council to draft the standard operating procedures (SOPs) that accompany and complement the new constitution.

The SOPs require the ratification of the District Councils before coming into effect. You can read more about the SOPs below, and be sure to send any suggestions to your District Council.

New Constitution

Download the final version of the new constitution here. This constitution is in effect as of 1 December 2019.


Standard Operating Procedures Manual

Please click here to access the Standard Operating Procedures Manual and individual SOPs.



If you have questions about the new constitution or SOPs, please contact the Support Unit at or 1300 679 775.