RSL NSW establishes office to support veterans throughout Royal Commission into Veteran Suicide. Get support.
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RSL NSW Royal Commission Office

RSL NSW has established a Royal Commission Office at ANZAC House. The Office will provide support to all veterans in engagement with the Royal Commission and will include:

  • Circulating information and updates regarding the progress of the Royal Commission
  • Assistance for veterans in drafting submissions
  • Support for veterans in preparation for, and following appearances at, Royal Commission hearings
  • Assistance for RSL NSW-related entities, including sub-Branches, District Councils and RSL LifeCare/RSL DefenceCare in drafting submissions
  • Collating and drafting RSL NSW’s submission, building on the views of our members, sub-Branches and District Councils
  • Collaboration with RSL Australia
  • Ongoing monitoring of the response to the Royal Commission and its progress in implementing recommendations

Establishment of the Office will ensure the strongest response to the Royal Commission, and by doing so, also ensure the best support and outcomes for our valued members and the wider veteran community.

Should you wish to contact the RSL NSW Royal Commission Office, please do so at or on 0499 441 291.

Seeking member input

The RSL NSW Royal Commission Office requests input from members to inform its submission to the Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide, via RSL Australia which is preparing a consolidated submission with input from members and sub-Branches across the country.

The RSL NSW submission will concentrate on Terms of Reference d), f) and g) as outlined by the Royal Commission’s Terms of Reference here. These terms are as follows:

d) The role of non-government organisations, including ex-service organisations, in providing relevant services and support for defence members, veterans, their families and others.

f) Any systemic issues in the current availability and effectiveness of support services for, and in the engagement with, families and others:

  • Affected by a defence and veteran death by suicide; or
  • Who have supported a defence member or veteran with lived experience of suicide behaviour or risk factors.

g) Any systemic issues in the nature of defence members’ and veterans’ engagement with the Department of Defence, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs or other Commonwealth, State or Territory government entities (including those acting on behalf of those entities) about support services, claims or entitlements relevant to defence and veteran deaths by suicide or relevant to defence members and veterans who have other lived experience of suicide behaviour or risk factors, including any systemic issues in engaging with multiple government entities.

Please follow this link to complete the survey. Your input will assist RSL NSW to make the strongest possible contribution to the Royal Commission by highlighting how the League supports veterans and their families.

Your input is required on or before Monday 27 September 2021.

Should you wish to make an individual submission about your personal experience beyond how it relates to RSL NSW, please follow this link to the Royal Commission website. This site contains instructions for providing an individual submission, in both electronic and paper formats.

The Attorney-General’s Department has advised that as a part of the Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide two types of legal assistance arrangements will be available – a legal financial assistance scheme and a national legal advice service. Please follow this link for information about the assistance provided by the Australian Government.

If you require assistance to complete the survey or to access assistance to make an individual submission to the Royal Commission, please contact or 0499 441 291.