Circular – 17 September 2019

Circular C09/19

Dear Members,

Member Advantage Program

I am writing to inform you that the RSL NSW Member Advantage Program will be ending at midnight on Monday, 30 September 2019. Current users of the program still have until the end of September to continue accessing the discounts it offers.

The Board of RSL NSW took the decision to end the program after reviewing its overall use and cost since it began in 2015.

The program has cost RSL NSW approximately $63,000 annually, yet the discounts it offers have been accessed by only about 10% of our membership over the four years it has been running. It was therefore not considered to be in the best interests of the League to continue funding the program.

For questions about using the Member Advantage Program before it ceases on 30 September, please contact Member Advantage at or 1300 853 352. For any other questions please contact the Support Unit at or 1300 679 775.

Yours sincerely,

Jeff O’Brien

State Secretary

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