RSL NSW Welcomes National Centre for Veterans’ Healthcare

RSL NSW and RSL DefenceCare have welcomed news of the opening of the Australia’s first National Centre for Veterans’ Healthcare (NCVH) Concord Repatriation General Hospital (CRGH), with Acting President Ray James congratulating the staff and thanking them for their tireless efforts in delivering tailored care to current and ex-serving members of the Australian Defence Force.

The National Centre for Veterans Healthcare provides a hub through which current and ex-serving members of the Australian Defence Force can access a range of specialists and services, all working together to deliver tailored medical support. NCVH provides a range of specialist services for veterans requiring ambulatory, physical, mental and drug health related care, all assessed onsite under the direction of a personal case manager. This will include pain medicine, rehabilitation, mental health, drug health, and a broad range of allied health disciplines.

It will also extend shortly to include accommodation and recreational space for younger veterans and their families during treatment, and acknowledges that this cohort sometimes require care delivery in ways different to the general public.

RSL NSW has a long and storied relationship with Concord Hospital, which was initially founded as a Military Hospital during World War II and has been synonymous for caring for returned soldiers ever since, as well as the training of nurses and medical staff who have gone on to serve Australia with distinction.

RSL NSW and RSL DefenceCare will be supporting this facility and its important work, with both organisations working closely with Concord Hospital including ongoing dialogue about where support may be most needed. Ray James, Acting State President of RSL NSW, along with Pauline James, State President of RSL Auxiliaries, recently spent significant time touring the facilities of the new National Centre for Veterans’ Healthcare, to similarly assess where RSL NSW and RSL DefenceCare can best provide support.

“This is a great facility that will improve the health and well-being of veterans and their families. Concord Hospital has played a long and significant role in the health and care of those returning from War and serving their nation. This new facility will ensure that veterans continue to be supported by Concord Hospital and their hardworking staff,” said Ray James, Acting President, RSL NSW.

“RSL NSW, RSL DefenceCare and our sub-Branches will be supporting this facility as it directly ties into our mission and purpose of helping Veterans and their families. We look forward to working with Alice Kang and her staff who spend so much time focused on the welfare of Veterans and their families. In addition to direct resources, RSL DefenceCare has some amazing programs and staff who will also be able to help further enhance this new National Centre for Veterans’ Healthcare.”

Concord Hospital has already received a wide range of equipment from the recently-closed Concord RSL, with cooking equipment, televisions and other electrical items, furniture and crockery finding a new home. The latter will be put to good use in the accommodation arm of NCVH.

The new Centre is a progressive approach to veteran care and builds on existing and extensive veteran support services already provided at the hospital, including the Veterans’ Day Centre offering therapeutic programs for the emotional well-being and physical needs of veterans and war widows.

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