Become a Member

On this page you can download application forms and learn more about:

How Do I Join?

If you would like to join your local sub-Branch, download and complete a membership application form and take it with a copy of your Record of Service or Discharge Certificate to the sub-Branch.

If you do not wish to join a local sub-Branch, you may join the Unattached List at ANZAC House. This means that you would be a member of The League but take no active participation in sub-Branch matters.

Annual membership is $35.

For further information on becoming a member please contact the RSL Membership Department on (02) 9264 8188.

Please note: Your sub-Branch will be invoiced for the new member payment(s). Please do not make an EFT payment or send a cheque with this application. For new members wishing to join as an ANZAC House member, the membership payment must accompany the application either by EFT or cheque.

Eligibility for Service Membership

You may be eligible for service membership if you have:

  • served in the Australian Defence Force, or
  • served with or supported or was otherwise engaged with the Australian Defence Force or the Armed Forces of its Allies, for at least 6 months, or
  • you are any other person provided for in Appendix B of the Constitution.

You will need copies of your service or medical records to apply. You can apply for these records through the Department of Defence website.

Eligibility for Affiliate Membership

You may be eligible for affiliate membership if you are over 18 years old and comply with at least one of the following:

  • any relative of a person (living or deceased) who is or was eligible to be a Service or Life Member of the League (proof of eligibility to be provided to the sub-Branch);
  • have been awarded the Certificate of Merit or a National or State Certificate of Appreciation for giving valuable service to the League;
  • a cadet and/or Officer of Cadets;
  • a person deemed by the sub-Branch Committee to have provided significant service to the sub-Branch and support of the Objects of the League.

Note: No sub-Branch is compelled to admit Affiliate Members.